Three Week Butt Transformation Workout: How To Transform Your Body In Three Weeks

While en route to meet trainer Ryan Anthony at an Equinox gym in New York City, my anxiety sky rockets. We’re about to embark on a three-week quest together: Anthony has been tasked with “fixing” my lifelong lack of derriere, somehow sculpting a “C” curve where there has always been a stubborn “I,” just with exercise—and in only six sessions.

But it’s not Anthony’s ability that has me uneasy; this is a man who is known as “The Glutes Whisperer.” I expect that anyone who has taken ownership of such a label has to be a hard-ass (both figuratively and literally, of course).

In every hour-long session, Anthony usually put me through three circuits of three moves each. A few of the exercises required heavier gym equipment, but several of them only used bodyweight, a kettlebell, or some dumbbells. Try some of our favorites, demonstrated below. (And a bonus: You might notice that your thighs are firmer and more toned as well. Go with it.)
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