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Welcome to ListPink! A place where good people share interesting, positive, moving, and inspiring stories.

What is ListPink all about?

ListPink is a modest community of common but enthusiastic people who want to share what they think might be helpful to others.

Below are some of the guys you may come across on Chlorine. (Sorry guys for sharing your good and bad habits with the World):

Michael: An adventuresome fellow always going the extra mile to discover something new.
Kathy:  A mom to 2 who thinks she is an experienced DIYer (she actually is).
Hussain: A seemingly unconcerned guy but a News addict from inside.
Hannah: A girl who thinks home remedies are the only treatment methods to save humanity.
David: A tech fanatic who is more interested in talking about tech than actually using it.
Connie: She teaches history at school, eats, drinks, and wears history. She actually lives in the past.
Zainab: This girl is the most interesting one on the list. She is more about questions. Sit for a cup of coffee with her and you will end up drinking a cold coffee! How, why, where, when, who! She is always wondered, her life is a mystery.

These and many others who didn’t want their names on the list make ListPink.

Be a part of the community

Becoming a member of the ListPink community is as simple as sharing your story.  You can do this either by sending us your story or by using the front-end post composer.

For any questions, suggestions, and inquiries, please contact us through our contact page. Wish you a great fulfilling life whoever and wherever you are!