Does beer help against Corona?

What German researchers recently discovered could please many people: certain ingredients in beer work against Corona. However, consumption is not recommended.

In addition, with a variety of active ingredients against corona and other viral infections, one would be better prepared for possible future pandemics.

German researchers find new active ingredient against Corona

In their search for new corona drugs, researchers from the universities in Tubinen and Hohenheim have now found what they are looking for. Accordingly, ingredients from hops and therefore also beer can help against the virus. According to the study, even small amounts of the substances inhibit the spread of coronaviruses in the body.

The hop ingredients xanthohumol and its derivative 6-prenylnaringenin have proven to be particularly effective, said the University of Hohenheim in Sttugart . The scientists carried out infection experiments in the high-security laboratory at the University of Tübingen.

The plant substance xanthohumol is contained in the medicinal plant Humulus Iupulus (hops) and – although to a much lesser extent due to the brewing process – also in beer.

So is beer recommended to treat Corona?

No, it’s not quite that simple. Researchers advise against treating viral illnesses with beer. The concentration of the ingredients is not high enough and the alcohol it contains is rather harmful.However, new active ingredients based on hop ingredients could expand the arsenal of antiviral drugs against corona. According to the research team, the results suggest that other foods could also contain effective active ingredients against diseases.


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