Thor 4: Surprising Black Panther Crossover Apparently Revealed

” Thor 4 ” is subtitled “Love And Thunder”, but in addition to love (with Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster?) and thunder (is it somehow self-explanatory), the pantheons of different religions and cultures will also play an important role in the new MCU adventure Playing a role – in addition to the Asgardians and the Olympian gods, a goddess from ” Black Panther ” also appears: Bastet.

In the 2018 MCU film, we see Bastet (or Bast) in the animated prologue, where she appears as a giant black panther. However, in “Thor 4” she will apparently also be seen in human form. At least that’s what the filmography of the Australian actress Akosia Sabet shows. There is a corresponding entry on both IMDb and the Australian casting site Showcast.

A mention on IMDb would be negligible (at least until the theatrical release of “Thor 4”), because just anyone can enter the information here. With Showcast, however, the filmmakers registered there seem to maintain their entries themselves, as far as we can tell. So Sabet probably updated her profile there herself.

There is still a small question mark behind the appearance of Sabet as Bastet, but it would definitely make sense. Because, as already mentioned at the beginning, other gods also appear – not only Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) and the other Asgardians but also at least one of the Olympian gods.

Thor, Zeus & Bastet Targetted By Gorr?

At the beginning of 2021, it became known that none other than Russell Crowe was playing in “Thor 4: Love And Thunder” – as Zeus, the Greek father of the gods. The suspicion that there will also be other gods and goddesses is obvious – and that, in turn, is due to the villain played by Christian Bale.

Bale plays a character called Gorr The God Butcher, who, as the name suggests, hates gods quite a bit. So if the character is set up something like the comics, we’ll see Bale as a character who uses a powerful weapon to hunt down divine beings that she blames for the loss of her family.

So maybe we’ll see Gorr tackling one pantheon after another – or maybe the various goddesses and gods will eventually convene some kind of conference to discuss the threat posed by Gorr. And then Thor, Zeus, and Bastet could actually meet.

We will find out in the summer whether this really happens and whether Bastet is even part of the plot: ” Thor 4: Love And Thunder ” will be released in cinemas on July 6, 2022.


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