Chris Hemsworth Plays Villain in Mad Max Prequel ”Furiosa”

Chris Hemsworth has played shady or bad guys before, like the sadistic cult leader in Bad Times At The El Royale. However, this role does not correspond at all to the image that he cultivates, especially as Thor in the Marvel films: He is the most cheerful and very sociable hero. Soon, however, he will once again radically break with this image:

Chris Hemsworth Will Be The Main Villain

Producer PJ Voeten reveals this in the making-of book for ” Mad Max: Fury Road ” (via Slashfilm ). This book chronicles the grueling, unique production story of this insane desert hunt from the film. And because director George Miller was already busy with other stories from the broken “Mad Max” world, it’s also briefly about ” Furiosa “.

Christ Hemsworth Vs Anya Taylor Joy

Chris Hemsworth’s villain is said to be named Dementias. This is a new character, and according to an older, unconfirmed description, he is a very handsome male, between 30 and 40, with a chrome stapled scar on his forehead.

Fury Road bad guys Immortan Joe and Bullet Farmer will appear as younger versions, as the making-of book also reveals, but overshadowed by Dementus (not the worst place in the desert after all). In addition, both characters have to be recast, not only because it will be a prequel, but also because the actors Richard Carter (Bullet Farmer) and Hugh Keays-Byrne (Immortan Joe) have since passed away.

Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Queen’s Gambit”) stars as she’s on the rise in Hollywood, shooting one project at a time. Taylor-Joy plays the resistance fighter Furiosa, in ” Mad Max: Fury Road ” Charlize Theron raced through the desert in this role.

“Furiosa” will not start in cinemas until May 23, 2024. Once again we are dealing with a gigantic project that has been postponed several times. When the wait is worth it in the end like it was with Mad Max: Fury Road, we’re happy to wait. If you don’t want to miss this and other important restarts, whether cinema, streaming, or home cinema, then subscribe to our free newsletter, which is published every Thursday.


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