Who is The Villain of “Doctor Strange 2”? All Possible Candidates

The first trailer for ” Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness ” still leaves open who the big villain of the film is, or rather provides several possible candidates (and one candidate). Marvel expert and YouTube host Sebastian took a closer look at the various options in the video above. Below we summarize the most important things in writing:

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch doctor strange 2

The finale of WandaVision hinted at this possibility, and the trailer underscores it further: Do we see two different sides of Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olsen ) in Doctor Strange 2? So is she the good Wanda and the evil Scarlet Witch at the same time?

It’s quite possible that the Darkhold (that’s the name of the powerful book that she studied at the end of “WandaVision”) made sure of that. And so her evil side (or an evil Wanda without splitting into two characters) could unquestionably take over the antagonist role.

Shuma-Gorath / Gargantos

The tentacled monster in the trailer (named either Shuma-Gorath or Gargantos) is an obvious candidate for villain-perhaps a little too obvious.

Looking at the creature’s previous appearances in What If? ‘ Shuma/Gargantos wasn’t really a big threat there. Therefore, we believe that Doctor Strange will take care of the monster fairly quickly and its appearance may not last much longer than in the trailer.

How About Mordo?

mordo doctor strange

Judging by the Doctor Strange post-credits scene, Mordo ( Chiwetel Ejiofor ) is the logical villain of Doctor Strange 2, after all, that’s where he starts hunting wizards whose power he believes is just too much is big.

And the failed spell in ” Spider-Man: No Way Home ” should be one more reason to hunt down his old friend and comrade-in-arms Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ). However, we believe that Mordo will be more of a disruptive factor or a character with his own agenda (the hunt for Scarlet Witch?) than the main antagonist.

An Evil Doctor Strange

At the very end of the trailer, we see an apparently evil Doctor Strange, most likely a variant from another dimension. This Evil Strange would also be an obvious candidate for the villain role, but it would also be conceivable that it only serves to demonstrate the concept of the multiverse with the different variants.

Also, there’s some evidence that we’re seeing even more variants of Doctor Strange in Multiverse Of Madness. Maybe the wizards from the different universes will form some kind of council and together consider how to clean up the multiverse chaos?

Mephisto Or Chthon

No MCU series and no Marvel film without the Mephisto theory: Ever since “WandaVision”, the Marvel devil has been brought up again and again, and of course, he could really be the one who lures Wanda to the dark side, for example.

In fact, if there is a demonic presence in Doctor Strange 2, we tend to believe it is Chthon – an Elder God and the author of the aforementioned Darkhold. Did Wanda accidentally free him while studying the book?

How About Galactus?

The last possibility in our list is certainly the least likely, but at least theoretically conceivable: as a galactic being, the planet-eater Galactus is more at home in space, but there may be a reference to his comic origin story in the trailer


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