Russell Crowe in “Kraven The Hunter”, His Role Fits Perfectly!

Sony is continuing to expand its own Marvel universe, which is largely independent of the MCU. After “Fifty Shades” star Dakota Johnson was recently cast for the role of the spider psychic in ” Madame Web “, things are now moving forward with ” Kraven The Hunter “. It has long been clear who will play the title role, and now Russell Crowe is also on board – and the role that is intended for him fits perfectly.

The main character, Kraven, will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick-Ass”, “Tenet”), while Russell Crowe will play his father, who is named Nikolai Kravinoff in Marvel Comics, reported The Hollywood Reporter. The report from the US industry magazine only says that Crowe is playing a relative of Kraven. However, THR writer Borys Kit tweeted that he had heard from his sources that Crowe was playing Kraven’s dad.


We’re inclined to believe Kit – not only because The Hollywood Reporter is a very serious magazine, but also because we can imagine Crowe being perfect in the role.

Crowe’s Role as Kraven’s Father is Just Perfect

In Marvel Comics, Kraven comes from a Russian family that flees to the United States after the February 1917 Revolution, where a sense of loss then drives Kraven to become the greatest hunter of all time (and the ultimate hunter in Spider-Man). prey sees). Things may be different in Kraven The Hunter, but one thing is clear:

That Crowe knows how to play the father figure in a superhero film was excellently demonstrated in “ Man Of Steel ”. There he was seen as Superman’s father Jor-El (see cover photo above this article). He should give the character Nikolai Kravinoff just as much dignity and toughness, maybe little Kraven will even learn to hunt from his dad – we’re curious.

Kraven The Hunter: A Family Feud?

Also of interest is the information in the Hollywood Reporter report that most of the main characters in Kraven The Hunter are said to be Kraven family members. So it looks like there’s a family story going on here – maybe even a full-fledged rivalry between father (Crowe) and son (Taylor-Johnson)? A version of Spider-Man will almost certainly not occur.

By the way, Kraven The Hunter isn’t Russell Crowe’s first and only Marvel role. In March 2021, it was announced that Crowe would be making his MCU debut in Thor 4: Love And Thunder. And in April 2021, Crowe’s role was also leaked. We won’t tell you which one it is, but it fits at least as well as Nikolai Kravinoff.


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