New “Edge Of Tomorrow” Series, No Seat For Tom Cruise

With its mixture of alien action and time loop concept, ” Edge Of Tomorrow ” is still one of the most interesting sci-fi blockbusters of the recent past and was well received by audiences and critics alike. Only the earnings at the box office could not be completely convincing.

Warner studio seems to have been struggling for ages to actually implement the planned ” Edge Of Tomorrow 2 “.  Even actress Emily Blunt has now publicly expressed doubts that the theatrical sequel ever comes.

Edge of Tomorrow Series & Legal Dispute 

Warner is now planning an “Edge Of Tomorrow” series instead. This emerges from a recent legal dispute between the Hollywood giant and the Australian production company Village Roadshow. The lawsuit for the trial was published online, and it mentions the project because it plays a big part in the dispute.

The case is currently making waves. With the lawsuit, Village Roadshow primarily accuses the Hollywood giant of having massively impaired the success of “Matrix 4” with its streaming start at the same time as the cinema release. But the lawsuit also states that Warner Bros. recently made the decision to create a series based on Edge Of Tomorrow, insisting that Village Roadshow voluntarily give up its rights to the franchise.

Warner Bros. Threatens Village Roadshow

When this was denied, there was even a threat: “If Village Roadshow does not give up its rights, [Warner] will make sure that they are worth nothing,” it says there. So there is a lot of trouble between the two companies, which have been working closely together for over 20 years. Village Roadshow produced many big hits for Warner like “Joker”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, all “Matrix” parts, and much more.

Tom Cruise May Not Star in The Series

The above information suggests that Warner Bros. is no longer interested in collaborating with Village Roadshow on a possible Edge Of Tomorrow 2 going forward. The decision to create a series, which will then very likely end up on the streaming service HBO Max, further melts hopes for a theatrical sequel.

That would have done away with the plans of director Doug Liman, who would have continued to rely on the star power of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt for his sequel .

Due to the busy schedules of the two main actors, it had long seemed unlikely that “Edge Of Tomorrow 2” would come anytime soon. A series could now establish completely new main characters and would then no longer be so dependent on its busy stars.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Highly Unlikely

Although the implementation of “Edge Of Tomorrow 2” parallel to the series would be theoretically possible, the chances of that are worse than ever. It’s just been too much time since the first part and according to the usual Hollywood laws, that’s not a good sign. The fact that Warner is now planning a series also indicates a realignment of the entire brand. And the dispute that has now been publicly held between the partner’s Warner and Village Roadshow certainly does not make the project any more likely.

But the series is far from dry. Just because it’s in the planning stages doesn’t mean it’s sure to happen. And here, too, the outcome of the dispute must be awaited, since the question is whether Warner should be allowed to do such a series without the previous partner.


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