How to Curl Hair With a Flat Iron or Straightener? A Super Easy Step-by-step Guide

How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron? A Super Easy Step-by-step Guide!
Hair is one of the most significant asset that a woman has, and why shouldn’t it be? This is one of the aspects of their womanhood that give them a distinct look from men. Not that we are in competition with men, but why not flaunt it when you have it?

If you are a woman or you have women at your home, you will know what it is like to make your hair look great. There are dozens of hairstyles out there, but not all suit everyone. Here, in this situation, curling your hair comes to the rescue. Effortlessly curled hair (not really, we all know the effort put into it) is never out of fashion and can always make you look like a queen, any day and any time.
It can be a hassle, and it can also be very costly to get hands-on a hair curler, flat iron, and a blow-dryer at all times. Come close, let me tell you a trick: Now, you can easily curl your hair with a flat iron.

Keep reading to learn how to do it:

You want your hair to look great, and you don’t want to spend on a hair curler: it sounds like a story of every woman. Here is how you can make your hair look effortlessly beautiful with a flat iron.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Prior to picking up a hot hair tool — whether it’s a hairdryer, curling comb, or flat iron — please do a favor to your hair: take care of the heat protection. The way these appliances function is that they get VERY HOT, and while it’s great to have flawless curls, we must seek to have beautiful and healthier curls. If you’ve already harmed or color-treated your hair, it’s particularly important to regulate your straightener’s heat to minimize the harm that can be caused to your hair. We want our hair healthy again, girls! For optimal results, experts suggest keeping the temperature somewhere between 350 to 365 degrees.

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  1. Apply a protectant and a hold product.
  2. Blow-dry your hair before ironing. You probably don’t want to hear that sizzle right? That’s because of the moisture.
  3. Don’t save your hair spray for the very end. Apply a medium to high-firm spray evenly before going for the curls.
  4. Make sure your hair is oil-free. This may risk your hair fall flat real quick.
  5. Depending on the strength of your hair, you can keep the heat low or high. Definitely keep the heat low if you have processed the hair otherwise turn it up.

Step 2: Check if the iron is appropriate

A large flat iron is never good to make beautiful curls. If the iron has a large width, it will not make the curls at all let alone those beautiful beachy ones.

best iron for curls

  1. Make sure your iron is not more than 2 inch in width.
  2. A thin flat iron with rounded ends works better.
  3. Bring the iron to the required temperature.

Step 3: Work in Small Parts

It’s time to start sectioning it out your hair as your hair is all set and prepped well for you to curl it. Make sure that you are using only one-inch parts as if the hair sections that you have taken are any wider than the flat iron width. You will not be able to get effortlessly flawless curls.

hair curling tips and tricks with flat iron

Decide on the outcome beforehand:

  • Classic glamour curl: If you want the old-school linear curls, take larger sections and pull down along the entire length.
  • Modern Messier curls: If you rather want much turbulent waves, take smaller sections, leave the ends out and twist.

Step 4: Start curling

A little hacking into the curling process can bring out various beautiful wave types. Let’s curl for three of the most beautiful ones.

1. Twist and pull

Take your hair part and carefully clamp it towards the roots, then twirl the flat iron approximately 180 degrees away from your face (Be careful that you do not burn your face). Hold the iron upright (comparable to how you’d hold a curling wand) and move the iron in one smooth way down the hair length.

curl hair with hair straightener

The slower you will pull the hair through the flat iron; the more flawless your curls will be. So if you’re going for a more casual vibe, try to pull it down quickly.

The faster you move the flat iron through your hair parts, the softer the curls will be. The flat iron must glide slowly down the hair parts for tighter, denser, and sharp curls. You may leave out the ends of the hair shaft for a less flawless, simpler end result, which is believed to be less difficult than it appears to be. It would be best if you were vigilant with the way you rotate your wrist as you go through this motion of twirling the hair stand, as this will decide the curling angle.

2. Ribbon curl with a flat iron

Starting with twist and pull in step 4, give the iron a full 360 degree rotation. Wrap the section across the entire diameter of the iron.

Result: Beautiful 3 dimensional curls.

ribbon curls with flat iron

3. Push waves with a flat iron

Start from the scalp. Take a medium section and pinch with your index finger and thumb. Insert the iron above your hand. Push the section towards the base and heat. Next, move your pinch down, tap the iron, heat, and pull the section towards you.

Result: One dimensional zigzagging lethargic drunk snake waves.

Step 5: Finish up with a Hair Setting Spray.

Set up your hard work and freshly acquired expertise in flawlessly curling your hair by topping off your hair with a few spritzes of lightweight setting spray for that undone feel that isn’t stiff or weighed down.

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Tada! You can now successfully learn how to curl your hair with a flawless look through a flat iron. You go, girl. Now you can go out and flaunt your perfect new hair and make all the people turn to you.

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