Clean Your Car’s Interior Effectively With These Expert Tips

It might surprise you to know that the average person spends around four years of their life inside a car. Since so much of our time is spent inside of our cars, its only fair that we take care of its interior through maintenance just like we do for the car’s exterior.

You might notice dirt, dust, or mold build up inside of your A/C system. It deteriorates the interior and increases the chances of causing you stress, confusion, and a negative impact on your well-being. No need to panic; you can easily upkeep and clean your interior with just a few tips and tricks.

How to effectively clean your car’s interior?

Add cleaning your car’s interior in your busy schedule. It will ensure that you clean your car correctly after a few days. After all, your car deserves to be pampered by you now and then. If the situation inside your car is getting out of hand, you should clean it properly to rid the car of all the clutter and trash.


Start by vacuuming the interior. It will take away all the dust, debris, and clutter from the car. Clean your floor mats thoroughly after removing them from the car. Similarly, vacuum your car seats. If you don’t own a mid-sized hand vacuum at home, take your car to the nearest carwash for a professional vacuuming.

Power Wash

After vacuuming, pass the mats, along with other detachable products, through a power wash. Let it all dry in the sun before putting them back in. Make sure you don’t put wet mats inside the car, as it can cause mold to build up in the interior secretly.

Clean the Dirt

If your car seats are made of cloth, you can easily pick and clean the dirt off the seats with a regular carpet steamer. However, if they dare made of leather upholstery, use specialized leather products, such as a cleaner for leather, to ensure that the leather does not crack and fade away. It will restore your leather casing and prevent it from sun damage.

Move to the Front of the Interior.

Wash and wipe all the hard surfaces, including the console, radio buttons, steering wheel, and the armrest. If your interior is crafted from plastic or wood, use a regular household surface cleaner suitable for the materials to do the trick well. You can also use regular spray cleaners to wipe down all the grease.

Toothbrush hack

For parts of the interior that are not easily accessible, damp a toothbrush and rub using that. It gets in all the nooks and crannies, ensuring a cleaner surface.

These steps will ensure complete care for your car.

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Tips to maintain a clean car

No food in the car: Do not eat food inside your car, be it regular or fast food. It’s the quickest way to clutter, which leads to dirt accumulation. On top of that, the little bits and broken crumbs can create an unpleasant mess and cause a bad odor.

Add a trash bag: This is a good tip, as a lot of times, we need to rid ourselves of small pieces of paper, or receipts, etc. You can toss all the junk in the bag and throw it out when it’s full.

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