Scratches on the ceramic hob: how to remove them

A glass ceramic hob looks beautiful and elegant – as long as it is intact. If there are scratches, not only does the beautiful look suffer, but also the functionality. Where does the damage come from? How to fix them?

The glass ceramic hob should be looked after so that the positive properties of the heating plates do not lose their functionality. Above all, this means removing dirt and incrustations quickly and avoiding burnt-in residue. Nevertheless, it can happen that the shiny black surface gets scratched when cooking.

Are scratches in the glass ceramic field normal?

The glass ceramic hob is made of glass ceramic. The smooth material can quickly become scratched, for example when cooking pots and pans are moved , if the bottom of the cooking vessels is uneven or if there are sugar and salt crystals or other hard and sharp-edged particles on the surface and these are pressed into the glass.How do I get scratches out of glass ceramic?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove scratches from the glass ceramic field, but you can make them less visible. Various methods are suitable for this.Glass ceramic cleaner

Specialist retailers offer special products for the care of the glass ceramic hob. They often contain small emery particles. They ensure that the glass ceramic shines again.

  1. Apply some of this to the scratched area.

  2. Work the paste into the surface with a lint-free, soft cloth.

  3. Polishing slightly removes the glass ceramic and rounds the edges of the scratch, making the damage appear less intense. The reason: The light is refracted less strongly.

  4. Remove the cleaning product with lukewarm water and a clean, soft cloth.


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