This is how the professional headphones for music lovers perform in the practical test

The headphones from Audio-Technica impress with their clean sound.

The headphones from Audio-Technica impress with their clean sound.
Audio-Technica develops headphones that come from professional recording studios: The M50xBT2 is the latest addition and promises studio quality for everyday use. The test shows why it is not only interesting for audio fans.

Audio-Technica headphones are part of the inventory in many recording studios. The Japanese manufacturer’s renowned M series (monitor series) is particularly popular with professionals. The models offer particularly balanced and accurate sound reproduction. This is important for mixing music. However, it’s not just professionals who like this clear sound – thanks to Bluetooth, the headphones are also interesting for everyday use.

I’m not writing here about headphones that break the thousand euro mark, like the in-ears from Shure that I recently tested. The model is available from major retailers for around 200 euros . Cheaper ones are also sufficient for listening to music in the subway – but for real fun and good sound, this price is justified. However, it is important to know that the headphones do not have active noise cancellation.

Sound check: Fine sound and deep bass

The headphones from Audio Technica impress with their clean sound.
The headphones in the color “Deep Sea” made a very high-quality impression in the test. 

The drivers inside the headphones measure 45 millimeters. They are the heart of headphones and convert the signal into sound. When you first put it on, very differentiated sounds and especially the low frequencies are noticeable. Pop songs, classical, electro, or rock: the range that the headphones offer is enormous.

You can save your own sound preferences using the manufacturer’s free app. If you like more mids so that voices can be heard more clearly in delicate acoustic songs, or if you want to weaken the bass a little, you can adjust this using the equalizer in the app using sliders.

Up to 50 hours of battery life and lots of ports

The buttons on the side offer good feedback.  The headphones are charged via USB-C and there is even a 3.5m jack connection.
The buttons on the side offer good feedback. The headphones are charged via USB-C and there is even a 3.5 millimeter jack. 

The Bluetooth connection works reliably and across multiple rooms. To reduce transmission losses, the headphones support various codecs: LDAC, AAC and SBC.

The manufacturer claims up to 50 hours of battery life for its headphones. The long runtime is an advantage that comes from the fact that there is no active noise reduction. Despite listening to music for several hours a day, I didn’t even have to charge the headphones in the test. The M50xBT2 keeps its promise.

The headphones can be quickly recharged via the USB-C port. After ten minutes you already have three hours of battery life. It is also practical that you can listen to music from the stereo system via the 3.5 millimeter jack connection. However, at around 800 grams, the headphones are quite heavyweight. After listening for a long time, I notice this, especially in comparison to the Bose headphones I usually use.

Conclusion: A pair of headphones with great sound – and lots of competition

The M50xBT2 does everything right that a good headphone should do: the fit is comfortable, the sound is pleasant and balanced, the battery life is long, and the Bluetooth connection is stable. He is a model student. The price-performance ratio is right. This makes it not only interesting for music lovers.

The only problem is the strong competition. The selection is huge, especially in this price range. There are lighter models like the Bose QC 45 and headphones with premium noise cancellation like Sony’s WH-1000XM4 . They are all in a similar price segment and score where the M50xBT2’s only weaknesses lie: the weight and the lack of ANC (Active Noise Canceling).

Audio-Technica stands out with a puristic design and a particularly balanced sound. If you can live with both points of criticism, you should give the headphones a try.

Things worth knowing about Bluetooth headphones from Audio-Technica

Do the headphones work with iPhones and Android?

Yes, since only a Bluetooth connection needs to be established, the headphones work with both Apple devices and Android. The manufacturer’s own app is also available for both operating systems.

What are the benefits of audio codecs in Bluetooth headphones?

The use of audio codecs in Bluetooth headphones affects the sound quality and wireless connection. The M50xBT2 supports common codecs such as AAC and SBC, which optimize Bluetooth transmission. They offer a higher bit rate and improved audio quality, especially if your playback device also supports the codec. AAC is particularly relevant for Apple devices and ensures good sound quality.

Is there an app to adjust sound settings?

Yes, the app is called “Audio-Technica Connect”. It shows the battery level of the headphones and lets you make individual sound settings. It is available for iPhones and Android devices.

Are the earbuds interchangeable?

Yes, the M50xBT2 ear pads are replaceable. This is particularly useful for ensuring the headphones remain comfortable. If the ear pads become worn or need to be replaced, you can easily purchase replacement pads from Audio-Technica and replace them yourself. The costs are around ten euros per piece.


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