5 Technologies That Stood the Test of Time for Decades, Some Even Centuries

One thing endemic to technology is, it continuously upgrades itself, and it does this with blistering speed. A proud and celebrated smartphone from just 5 years back would feel no more smart and look ancient to eyes.  Go a little further back into the 90s and all the technologies of the decade would look primitive. And if you happen to visit a science museum and find a tech product from a couple of decades back, you will feel as if it was invented by a mummified Egyptian. That’s how fast technology changes.

In this Chlorine listicle, however, we have collected 5 technologies that have successfully resisted any change whatsoever. While their time mates have completely disappeared from the scene and are now considered discoverable, these five don’t even give us a clue if they are willing to accept change anytime soon.


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