These 2 Hospital in China are Built from Scratch in Just 7 Days, Now Cater 2600 Patients

Chinese are well known for their marvelous construction engineering. From glass bridges hanging high up in the sky to hellish sized dams and skyscrapers zigzagging into the clouds, Chinese have mastered the art of construction to a whole new scale.

Chinese engineers just made history by constructing two 1000 and 1600 bed state of the art hospitals on a short notice of just 14 days. When the construction work on the site started last week with hundreds of excavators moving earth, it coincided with my 7-page theses. Here we go, today is the 7th day, I am half into my 7-page document and the two hospitals in Wuhan are already hosting patients. I always wondered how, and now I understand how on Earth the Chinese built the Great Wall of China thousands of years ago.

One of two coronavirus hospitals built in seven days, Wuhan, China.
One of two coronavirus hospitals built in seven days, Wuhan, China.

The hospitals built to treat coronavirus patients are now equipped with all the necessary medical equipment. Additional facilities like hospital canteens and the internet are also up and running. Medical staff from the capital Beijing and other cities has been dispatched to the hospitals.

China is fighting a new type of coronavirus outbreaks identified as 2019-nCoV. Initially surfacing in the industrial city of Wuhan in Hubei province, the virus has already spread to various cities across the country. According to the latest figures, the death toll has surpassed 200 with 11,790 infected.

The WHO has declared the outbreak as a state of emergency. Various countries including the United States have announced a travel ban to the country.

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