Make Your Own Tree Log Christmas Lamp This Winter

There’s something growing on your table. Whether in winter as a cozy Christmas light or in summer as a decorative object for the garden – the tree trunk light to build yourself creates an idyllic atmosphere with its rustic look.

DIY Tree Log Christmas Lamp: Things You Would Need

Be it on the garden table or the windowsill at home: This self-made tree trunk lamp creates a cozy winter atmosphere. If you want to build a tree trunk lamp yourself, you need the most important thing first: the right tree trunk!

An unprocessed leftover piece from the garden is best suited for this. For the present example, a section of trunk made of oak, just under a meter long, was used, but the type of wood can be varied to suit one’s liking.

Here is the full list of things you would need to make the lamp:

  • A section of a tree log of your preferred size.
  • A plexiglass tube.
  • Screws.
  • Glue
  • Powerful Cable and a switch.
  • Led or filament bulb.

DIY Tree Log Christmas Lamp: Step-by-step Instructions

1. Cut four 2cm thick slices and a 6cm bottom slice from the trunk.

Make Your Own Tree Log Christmas Lamp This Winter
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

2. Starting with the thinner discs that make up the middle section of the lamp, drill holes at the center of each disc with the diameter of the hole the same as that of the plexiglass tube.

diy wood log lamp for christmas winter
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

3. Now take the thicker base disc and drill a blind hole of the same diameter.

diy wooden lamp
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

4. Drill a small side hole that leads to the hole at the center. This will guide the power cable through.

make your own rustic wood lamp
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

5. Place the bulb holder right inside the blind hole and screw it to the base.

best diy winter wooden lamp
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

6. Insert the plexiglass tube into the base disc. Apply a thin layer of glue to the inside of your next disc and with the help of a temporary spacer, slide it over the tube.

cozy winter lamp made from wood tree log

7. Continue staking the rest of the discs all the way to the top.

how to make your own wood log christmas lamp
Photo: sidm/Klaus Erich Haun

That’s all! Your cozy wood log Christmas lamp is ready to add that soothing warmth to your winter home.

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