Chandilers Are Back in Fashion: 6 Lights With a Modern Twist

Chandeliers are by no means a thing of the past. The modern ones are stylish creations that complement contemporary interiors. They do not have fancy fabric lampshades, hundreds of crystals or other ornaments. However, they have effective forms, fashionable decorations and modern solutions. They add character to any space, often becoming an element with a “wow” effect. How to Choose Your Chandiler? What to look for when choosing a chandelier for your room. Below are the three major factors which will make a difference in how your ceiling fixture looks:

  • Scale . The size of the chandelier should match the scale of the room. A large, dramatic chandelier with a long overhang will suit a large living room with a high ceiling. In turn, for a small room, it is better to look for a ceiling model.
  • Style. Although chandeliers are commonly equated with glamor and classic styles, the contemporary ones also fit in with the Scandinavian, loft and modern styles. It is worth keeping this in mind when choosing.
  • Place. The general rule is that the chandelier above the table can be more dramatic, and the one in the central part of the room should not stand out so much against the arrangement as not to overwhelm it.


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