This Japanese Home Remedy To Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you what this rice water toner did to my face after using it just for a week. I want to start off by showing you how to actually make this toner.

How to make the rice water face toner?

I’m talking about half a cup of rice and it’s all soggy and wet because I’ve just rinsed it out this way. Basically, I’m just going to boil that. Well, the other day I actually learned a really fun fact about rice water. Apparently ancient Chinese and Japanese rice farmers would soak their body in this water and their hair and skin and everything and it was supposedly going to help with anti-aging and hair growth and slaked sun protection. This is all true because rice water does actually have oil Stud antioxidant properties and it’s also found in a lot of Korean skin hair products.

I filled a pot with a little bit less than a cup of water. I’m just gonna let the rice soak for about ten minutes. There’s also another way that you can make rice water. You can actually just let the rice sit in water for about an hour and 30 minutes or so. This way, you don’t need to boil it or put it on heat, you may go any of the two ways.

Once the rice water is ODS and boiling, I let it sit and cool down for a bit. You can store it in a jar or a bottle in your fridge.

Like I said earlier, rice water is just a really good base toner. It balances pH, minimizes pores as well as treats acne and reduces the appearance of acne scars overall. It also moisturizes and gives your skin a glowing appearance.

Additionally, you may also want to add half a tsp of raw honey. In this case, shake well before use.

How to use?

Apply an adequate amount of rice water all over your face before you go to bed. Wash off in the morning.

Here is what it did to my skin:

I’ve been using it for one week. Below are the things in clearly noticed in on my skin:

  1. My skin became softer.
  2. I can see a clear boost in skin glow.
  3. I had a couple of acne and other small scars that seem to be fading away.

Use this natural homemade Japanese skin toner and let me know how good it was.

Japanese anti aging skin toner


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