Trending Handbags in 2021 You Will Always Love You Bought

There is one thing common between shoes and handbags, they both don’t obey the rule of numbers. In other words, there can never be too many of them. Handbags come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that, you always need a new one every change of season.

As an essential accessory, a handbag offers a number of advantages. A practical companion in everyday life, enhances any outfit in no time and makes an unmistakable statement.

From cool shoulder bags to trendy mini ones and all the way to classic crossbodys, fashion designer Leila Cetin tells what bags are trendy in 2021.

#1 Sustainable Elegant Fashion Crossbody Bag

Fashion Small Summer Bags for Women 2020 Designer Shoulder Bag Leather Female Crossbody Bag Ladies Handbag

The world is making headways towards renewal resources and green energy in various sectors. The fashion industry is no exception. Sustainability is one of the most important factors the fashion industry is considering in 2021. While it has always been on a designer's mind, the crucial factor has gained momentum in 2021. 

However, this development is still relatively new for accessories, since more complex processes are required to manufacture leather alternatives or to recycle leather. 

Good manufacturers in 2021 are now committed to sustainability, quality, and durability and produce reliable handbags that are impressive. This imitation leather bag from ExParis is one of the examples. Its simple and elegant design and the enhanced main material are sure to make the bag stay with you for quite a long.

#2 Neck Pouch Cell Phone Crossbody Bag 2021

Universal Neck Strap Phone Bag Case Pouch for Google Pixel 4A 5G 4 3 3A XL

An obvious evolution from standard mini bags, neck punches are now trending everywhere. These pouches have now scavenged features both from standard mobile phone bags and mini bags resulting in a beautiful accessory that comes in handy in everyday life.

From relatively circular ones to ones that are geometric, neck pouches have a range of models to choose from. The different bag shapes are equipped with chic chains in gold or robust leather straps. They can be worn both as a neck pouch and as a crossbody bag.

This small crossbody bag from ExParis is ideal as a neck pouch that can also be worn casually. The bag is made of gray imitation leather in a fashionable reptile look. 

Besides the main phone slot, the bag has a separate inner pocket for storing credit cards and visit cards.

#3 Women’s Luxury 2 Pcs Diamond Lattice Mini Bag

Herald Fashiontice Shoulder Bag Quality PU Leather Solid Chain

The third handbag trend in 2021 is characterized by its size. The super small mini, micro, or nano bags are often a miniature of a larger bag and give the outfit that certain something. 

While bulky bags offer more storage space, these mini ones readily adapt to any attire and instantly make a statement. That being said, these bags will not disappoint you when it comes to capacity as well. There is always enough room for almost everything that you generally carry with you.

This one in particular impresses with its striking shape, the beautiful quilting with tone-on-tone seams. The handbag looks elegant and feminine at the same time, making it the ideal addition to any outfit. 

As you carry your beauty essentials and your iPad seamlessly, cards and cash inside the bag could have made things cluttered.  But no worries, as the designers have given it a thought already. The mini card and cash holder beautifully solves this problem.

#4 2021 Stylish 3 Pcs Crossbody Thick Strap Bag

fashion chains women shoulder bags designer wide strap messenger bags luxury pu leather crossbody bag lady

A wide shoulder strap and additional pockets have already made a powerful re-entry. Wide eye-catching straps are especially well suited to crossbody bags. 

The wide shoulder straps are usually adorned with colors, patterns, tags, and sometimes with additional mini punches. The trend of hanging additional micro bags on straps or on larger bags is new and has become known primarily through brands such as Prada and ExParis. 

This small shoulder bag from ExParis has masterfully combined all the great features in this category. 

An elegant main bag backed by a sister bag, and a nice curricular small pouch on the straps.

#5 New Multifunctional Tote+BP Unisex Bag 2021

Waterproof Stylish Laptop Backpack women 13 13 3 14 15 15 6 inch Korean Fashion Oxford

The tote bag has never left the trends.  These extremely practical bags have large storage space for almost anything. 

While the tote has remained almost familiar in shape for decades, there brand new designs in 2021. 

This tote bag from ExParis for instance is way more practical than any usual tote. Thanks to the creative minds behind, the bag is a multifunctional tote that can also be carried as a backpack. 

As for the anatomy, the bag has two inner compartments and a zipper to close the bag securely. With the chic bag, you are ideally equipped for anything your everyday life throws at you.  Additional features include a USB charging port, rain cover, and premium quality Oxford Nylon.

#6 Snakeskin Elegant Leather Messenger Bag 2021

Stone Pattern Small Crossbody Bag For Women Snake Print PU Leather Shoulder Bag Female Chain Messenger

Gone are the days when certain bag sizes would usually look boring. No matter what shape and size a bag is, with exciting prints and textures it's always in fashion. 

Models with a crocodile look or snakeskin look (made of real leather or vegan alternatives) are popular again. The structure trends also include handbags with soft plaited surfaces.

With this snakeskin cutie from ExParis, you are right on-trend. The shoulder bag is made of synthetic leather and has the dimensions 25 x 15 x 10 centimeters. 

The eye-catching snakeskin looks particularly chic. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable. As an evening bag in combination with a monochrome dress, this bag is guaranteed to attract attention.


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