Samsung TVs 2021: Features, User Guide & Which One to Buy

Samsung TVs 2021_ which ones worth your attention? Which new models to watch out for? Here is an overview of the entire range of Samsung 2021 TVs.

  • 2021 brings a lot of changes to high-end Samsung TVs.
  • The most interesting ones are the new Neo QLED models with MiniLED backlight and the Premiere series of laser projectors.
  • The models of the middle budget class have technically changed very little though.

Samsung TVs 2021: Main Series and Nomenclature

In 2020, Samsung TVs had the letter T in their name. This year it is replaced with the letter A.

  • The basic series of televisions are AU 7xxx, AU 8xxx, and AU 9xxx, where xxx stands for consecutive numbers (for example 002 for AU8002).
  • TV QLED 2021 to Q 6x A , Q 7x A , Q 8x A .
  • The Neo QLED 2021 screens with MiniLED backlight are QN 8x A, QN 9x A, QN 8xx A, QN 9xx A , with the “three-digit” models (QN8xxA and QN9xxA) being 8K TVs.

The letter A can also be found in this year’s lifestyle series screens – like QE55LS03AA, which is this year’s 55-inch TV from The Frame family.

AU7 / AU8 / AU9 series

2020-q-soundbar-04-q-symphony tv
Image by Samsung

The AU7 / AU8 / AU9 series are basic models available in 43-85 inch sizes. These are based on 60 Hz LCD, in most cases VA type, and matrices without zone illumination.

Among the significant changes compared to last year, the company has added more improvements in the design. The design is now even more uniform – from the top series to the basic one, straight lines were put instead of round shapes.

Motion Xcelerator is a new feature that provides even better image fluidity in the basic models. This has, in fact, long been a strong point of Samsung’s budget TVs (despite the 60 Hz matrix).

Even the lowest budget series are now equipped with Q-Symphony function. This function was only available in the top models in 2021. It allows you to use your TV’s speakers together with the Samsung soundbar to get an even better sound experience.

Starting from the AU8 models, a neat minimalist remote is available. They also come with 3 instead of 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. The AU9 series now have advanced features for gamers, such as a “game bar” allowing quick access to useful game options.

QLED 4K Series

QLED TVs without the Neo note are in the middle budget ranges. They come in three different classes: Q6xA, Q7xA, and Q8xA. The second number in the name is associated with slight design differences, like a different shade of the bezel.

Image by Samsung

In other words, the Q60A and Q64A are technically the same. It is common for manufacturers to introduce a number of twin models just to make them exclusive to distribution stores.

The Q60A series is the entry-level QLED model with a 60 hertz VA matrix. The Q70A series is the successor to the successful Q70T series and the spiritual heir to the RU8002 and MU7002 models. These are the cheapest new Samsung TVs with a matrix of 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1.

In addition, they are available in a wide range of sizes, including the 85-inch model. The Q80A series adds multi-zone backlighting (FALD) to that, still at a fairly attractive price. Unfortunately, the tar spoon contains an IPS matrix which provides weaker contrast and less deep blacks. It is not known to what extent these parameters are saved by the back zone illumination and quantum dot coating.

At the moment, with 4K 2021 QLEDs, the Q70A series is the most interesting with its attractive quality and price-performance ratio.

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Neo QLED Series With MiniLED Backlight

neo Qled samsung tv

This year’s top Samsung TVs are a great breakthrough. This is obvious from the company calling them Neo QLED. Samsung, like LG, Philips, and TCL – uses MiniLED backlighting in its top 2021 model. This technique allows you to significantly increase the number of lighting zones. Thanks to this, HDR effects are more spectacular and the backlight can be controlled more precisely.

The Neo QLED series consists of 3 4K models and two 8K models. The top model QN900A offers the most backlight zones, an advanced image processor, and is equipped with an 80-watt audio system in a 6.2.2 configuration.

The QN800A model has fewer LEDs and slightly weaker speakers but still offers 8K resolution. The QN95A model is already a 4K model. These three screens have a common feature where connectors are placed in an external, easy-to-hide One Connect Box. In 8K models, the connectors are hidden in the TV base

.The QN90A is actually a QN95A with typical connector locations (i.e. without One Connect Box). The “weakest” equipment in the Neo QLED family is the QN85A. The screen in this model is a MiniLED with a high-end design and a nice audio system. However, the use of the IPS matrix (except for the 85 ”model) has raised eyebrows.

The QN90A model looks very interesting in the Neo QLED 4K line . Without a doubt, the real flagship is the QN900A.

Samsung TVs 2021: Lifestyle Series

The standard sets of Samsung 2021 TVs are complemented by slightly more niche screens, addressing specific needs and user expectations.

The Frame Series

the frame samsung tv series
Image by Samsung

TVs in the Frame Series stayed at the top for years. This is because they offer access to thousands of works of art from the most renowned galleries and museums.

The model in 2021 is slimmer than its cousin but still retains its unique character and may look even better in modern interiors.

Also, Check the Serif

Serif also remains on sale. With a screen in a thick frame that is inspired by the serif font. This designer TV is available in white and sky blue. The box also includes feet to make it a free-standing device.

How about The Sero?

Sero is a fun gadget. With a 43-inch TV rotating screen that you can position horizontally or vertically. With just a push of a button on the remote control, you can set the display orientation of your choice.

This is, in fact, equipped for the younger generation. Teens who consume more screen on TikTok and InstaStory. Now they can enjoy the same features on a much bigger screen.

What is new in The Premiere Series?

the primier sansung tv
Image by Samsung

Premium series are, in fact, short-throw laser projectors. By placing one of the 40 cm from the wall, you can get a 130-inch image. They have built-in speakers and a TV tuner. Most of all, they offer full access to Smart TV Tizen functions, including AirPlay 2. This means that the projector from The Premiere family is used as a TV set.

Samsung 2021 TVs: The Terrace

2020-q-soundbar-04-q-symphony tv
Image by Samsung

The last of Samsung lifestyle TVsThe Terrace – will not hit our market yet. It is a waterproof garden TV with high brightness and a reinforced frame. Our climate creates complications with storing such a TV in winter. The TV is available in Italy and sunny California.


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