Best Hair Straighteners For Curly Hair: Top 5 Flat Irons to Grab

In addition to hairdryers and round brushes, hair straighteners are among the most needed products for everyday hair styling. If you are using a random flat iron on your hair regularly, you definitely are ruining your precious hair. When we say best hair straighteners, of course, we don’t mean one fits all. You can choose the right flat iron considering the type of your hair and frequency of treatment.

When grabbing a hair straightener, it is important to look for some important features. These include ceramic coatings, ion technology, and steaming features.

We have researched and listed 5 of the best hair straighteners for you. Here are our recommendations for all hair types.

1. Remington Pro-Ion Straight S7710

Best Hair Straighteners For Curly Hair Top 5 Flat Irons to Grab

The Remington Pro-Ion S7710 hair straightener landed first place in the test of the Stiftung Warentest in 2019 and was named the test winner with an overall rating of “Good (1.6)”. The model performed very well, especially in the sub-categories of handling, technical testing, and safety.

The straightening iron is equipped with triple ion technology, consisting of an ion generator and a double ion channel. The ultra tourmaline ceramic coating on the heating plates is gentle on the hair during use and ensures less frizz. The panels are very narrow, 11 centimeters long, and spring-mounted. This distributes the pressure evenly over the strand of hair.

The heating time is only 15 seconds. The temperature can be set in nine steps from 150 to 230 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the key lock, the model maintains the selected temperature. The memory function enables the set temperature to be saved. Further safety functions are the automatic switch-off, the transport lock, and the heat-resistant storage bag.

2. Braun Satin 7 Sensocare

Braun Satin 7 Sensocare

The Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler from Braun was also tested by Stiftung Warentest and with an overall rating of “Good (1.8)” is only slightly behind the test winner. The styling result and handling were rated “good” by the testers. The temperature is between 120 and a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius and can be set in 10 temperature levels.

The Braun hair straightener impresses with innovative SensoCare technology. This ensures that the temperature is automatically adjusted from the hairline to the ends of the hair. The strand of hair is analyzed 20 times per second. The temperature is then adapted to the moisture content. This ensures innovative heat protection. The sensors are located under the NanoGlide ceramic plates. The display also gives you feedback on the moisture content of your hair. It indicates when the strand of hair is too wet to use.

A special extra: the straightening iron stores the individual hair properties of up to three users. The device can therefore be used by several people without having to make large adjustments. Thanks to the rounded edges and the cool-touch tip, you can also create curls and waves with the straightening iron.

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3. Remington S8550 Shine Therapy

Remington S8550 Shine Therapy

The Shine Therapy straightening iron from Remington is particularly suitable for thick and unruly hair thanks to its, particularly wide heating plates. The individual plates measure 110 x 50 millimeters and are therefore wider than classic straightening irons. The styling plates are spring-loaded, which creates even pressure on the hair.

The temperature can be set in nine stages from 150 to 230 degrees Celsius. The current temperature can be read easily at any time via the digital LCD display. The high-quality ceramic coating is enriched with heat-activated micro-active ingredients such as Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E, which give the hair shine.

In just 15 seconds you can start using the Remington straightener. The temperature boost function also enables the maximum temperature to be set quickly. Other functions are the automatic switch-off, the key lock, and the transport lock.

4. L’Oréal SteamPod Styler 3.0

best falt iron for curly hair L'Oréal SteamPod Styler 3.0


The SteamPod Styler 3.0 from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris is the ideal combination of curling iron and straightening iron and has patented steam technology. The big advantage is the particularly gentle styling as well as the versatile application possibilities. The device conjures up natural and lively curls on the one hand and smooth hair on the other in a few minutes. So you can enjoy the advantages of both devices. A comb is also integrated into the straightening iron. This untangles the hair and holds it in place for easy styling.

The steam causes less hair damage, as the strand of hair is constantly surrounded with steam during use and thus remains supple. The water tank is sufficient for use on around 192 meters of hair before it has to be refilled. The manufacturer recommends using distilled water. The temperature can be set in three stages between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius. Normal, thick, and robust hair can therefore be styled with the straightening iron without any problems.

For even more beautiful results, like from the hairdresser’s, you can supplement the application with the concentrated SteamPod smoothing serum and the SteamPod smoothing cream. A 360-degree rotating cable makes it convenient and easy to use.

5. GHD Glide Hot Smoothing Brush

GHD Glide Hot Smoothing Brush

The Smoothing Glide Hot Brush from GHD tames and smooths dry hair in next to no time. The combination of short and long bristles in a close arrangement allows large sections of hair to be styled quickly and easily. This is how you achieve supple, smooth salon-quality results.

The GHD smoothing brush works with ceramic heating technology and an ionizer, which heats the brush evenly. Styling with this functionality is particularly gentle and eliminates frizz during use. The model has a temperature of 185 degrees Celsius that cannot be varied.

The simple application is ideal for at home and ready to use in a few seconds. The sleep mode switches the hot brush off after 60 minutes at the latest if the device is not used. With a cable length of 2.7 meters, you have enough freedom of movement for daily styling.

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Our conclusion

The presented straightening irons are all particularly gentle on the hair and offer a quick and effortless application. However, the test winner from Remington is most convincing with its very good price-performance ratio.

FAQs on Best Hair Straighteners

1. What should be considered when buying a hair straightener?

The heating plates: The size of the heating plates depends on your needs and the length of your hair. For long hair, wide plates are more recommended than for short hair. However, if you also want to style curls with the straightening iron, then you have to use small heating plates.

The temperature setting: Most straightening irons have an adjustable temperature setting. Depending on which hair type you have, you should pay attention to the right temperature setting when buying.

The cable: A rotating cable enables better handling and adapts better to the movements. The detail is particularly helpful when used to style waves or curls. The cable length should be at least two meters.

The heating-up speed: good straightening irons are ready for use in 15 to 30 seconds. Teflon heats up the fastest and titanium, for example, takes a little longer.

The automatic switch-off: An automatic switch-off function should be integrated in every straightening iron. As a rule, the straightening irons switch off by themselves after 30 to 60 minutes.

The accessories: A fireproof case and a heat protection pad are available on some models and ensure more safety.

2. What temperature is suitable for which hair type?

When straightening your hair, heat is the most important factor. Some straighteners have a set temperature. In most models, however, the heat can be regulated. The most suitable temperature for your hair depends on your hair structure. We have compiled the recommended settings for you here:

100 ° C to 140 ° C – for very sensitive hair.
140 ° C to 160 ° C – for fine and thin hair.
160 ° C to 180 ° C – for normal hair.
180 ° C to 240 ° C – for thick and unruly hair.

3. Which coating is gentle on the hair?

The surface of the heating plate is one of the most important features of the straightening irons. Models with a ceramic coating are the most common and suitable for all hair types. The smooth plates do not damage the hair and allow even heat distribution and a short heating time.

Tourmaline straighteners provide the hair with moisture and shine. They are suitable for fine and sensitive hair as they prevent unwanted creping and static charging at the same time. Less common materials are titanium and Teflon. However, they are just as effective at protecting against heat and are often found on professional styling tools.

4. Which straightening iron technologies are out there?

Two technologies are common in home straightening irons: Ionization and steam technology. In straightening irons with ion technology, negatively charged anions are transferred from the straightener to the hair and positively charged cations are neutralized.

The anions act to hold the moisture in the hair cuticles. This will make you look shinier and healthier. The method also protects the hair from static electricity.

The steam technology is rather unknown, but it is very suitable for unruly, dry, and thick hair and enables quick and gentle styling. The models are less suitable for fine hair.

5. What are the different heating plates used in hair straighteners?

The size of the heating plates is also differentiated. Narrow heating plates are ideal for short hair. You can also use them to create curls so that you do not need an additional curling iron. The classic plate size is around 25 millimeters. You are most flexible with this heating plate, as the straightening iron is suitable for almost all hair types and lengths.

Wide heating plates, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for long and thick hair. Smoothing is faster and much easier thanks to the wide plates. However, curls can be difficult to create with wide devices.


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