6 Window Cleaning Hacks: Common Mistakes to Avoid Now

Cleaning, in general, is demanding work. But when it to comes to cleaning the windows, it gets further annoying. What if you put all your effort and your window pans still don’t sparkle? You will definitely feel disappointed, right. Not anymore though!

In today’s DIYmam post, we are going to talk about 6 of the most common mistakes people make while cleaning the windows.

1. Incorrect Amount of Detergent

If the cleaning water contains too little detergent, the dirt will be difficult to dissolve. However, if you use too much cleaning agent, too much residue will remain on the glass. Anyone who buys special agents for window cleaning should therefore observe the dosage recommendation given there.

But normal detergent is also sufficient. This is dosed rather carefully with a few drops. If the local water contains too much lime, a little vinegar cleaner or ammonia in the cleaning water will prevent lime stains later.

2. Insect Droppings not Loosened Enough

This dirt often adheres very strongly and leaves streaks when it is removed. If you want to work carefully, first soak the dirt on the window with a wet sponge. If you use a sponge, you have to pay attention to the correct side. The rough side for stubborn pan dirt leaves scratches on the glass.

3. Skipping The Window Frames

The window frame must be cleaned in front of the pane. Otherwise, the dirt gets onto the glass when you rub it. Plastic frames can be rubbed off with a damp cloth. A dirt eraser is good for removing stubborn dirt.

4. A Still Wet, Unstable Puller

Experts advise wiping off the rubber lip after each stop. In addition, the puller is only used in the wet area of ​​the window. In general, you have to make sure that the rubber lip is straight and stable with the tool.

Correct use of the puller is also important: move it straight and not in serpentine lines over the pane.

If you don’t have a squeegee, you can remove the remaining water with a microfiber cloth after cleaning. It is important here to polish the disc so that no streaks can be seen.

5. Let the Water Dry on the Window

Windows can also be cleaned when the sun is shining. This is often not recommended, but the sun has one advantage: you can clearly see the areas that need to be polished. However, the windows must not dry out before they are removed – the sun should therefore not shine directly on the panes. That is then because there are streaks. Working quickly is, therefore, advisable – and not cleaning when it is extremely hot.

6. Grandma’s Old Newspaper Trick

Often read, often advised, nonetheless nonsense: Newsprint should guarantee streak-free glass. But the printer’s ink can leave black marks. A soft cloth or classic chamois leather is simply better. The trick with nylon stockings doesn’t convince everyone either – they should be able to polish windowpanes better than with chamois leather.


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