Handpicked Blouses & Shirts 2021, Gorgeous 7 You Will Love

Maybe most trends change like a kaleidoscope, but among blouses, the “race” is not so crazy. You will not find any great spring and summer revolutions here. A plus for us – blouses, tops, and shirts from previous years are still in fashion.

It will not be without a few novelties and refreshments, but we still fall in love with the boho aesthetics, remember the timeless classics, look into the femme fatale wardrobe, recreate the cartoons from childhood, and inflate the sleeves like a balloon.

What do you think – how many fashionable blouses for spring do you already have in your wardrobe?

#1 Bright Colored Blouses & Shirts With a Touch of Romance

spring bright blouse shirt 2021

How do we start? Romantic, rustic, airy, and feminine. So we hunt for blouses in creams and shades of ecru, which reveal our shoulders and necklines. The ones with frills and openwork cutouts are trendy. Perfect for office styling, as a base for a jacket or jacket. 

Material? Linen with a subtle shine here and there, as well as an openwork, breathable fabric stand out from the crowd. This season, we also welcome spring in pastel colors - sunny yellow or powder pink will give your styling a radiant charm.

#2 Stylish Loose And Casual V-neck Black Tops

womens tops in black

Sexy femme fatale will have plenty to choose from. Smooth, minimalistic,  and as light as mist turtlenecks are definitely a must-have in spring everyday stylizations. 

Designers have repeatedly proven that deep blacks are not limited to great exits. The darkest of summer colors feels like a fish in water and does not intend to fall into any sleep. 

Loose and casual tops that accentuate the bust or striped knit tops look just as stunning with mom-fit jeans and a pair of white sneakers, as well as with a mini skirt and high heel pumps. If you do not feel comfortable in such a cut blouse, just throw an oversized bomber over it.

#3 Sleeveless White Shirts in Cotton Are a Great Choice

white summer blouse

Another white shirt? Sure, there are never too many of them, even when the bar gives way under the number of white collars. The snow-white shirt blouses are suitable for every possible occasion. For casual outfits, choose short, waist-length styles and pair them with high-waisted jeans or caramel cigarillos. 

This way you will lengthen your legs beautifully, and you will not look overdressed. For the office or for a job interview, it is worth getting acquainted with the latest trend reigning on Instagram - oversize shirts worn under sweater vests. For larger exits, replace the vest with a skimpy top, lace bralette, or a black corset.

#4 Casual Embroidered Boho Blouses Are Evergreen

spring and summer blouses 2021 1

The boho style never ceases to surprise us. Whenever we think it's time to say goodbye to this trend, it returns with redoubled strength! What can we find this time while browsing the offers of chain stores? 

Beautiful tops with boho-style embroidery from an expert artisan. We have not seen such an intense celebration of boho blouses for a long time. 

Blouses are based on earth tones, but it is difficult to find boredom in them. The styles can be additionally diversified by the recently fashionable jewelry made of natural shells on strings.

#5 Gorgeous T-Shirts With Elegant Seasonal Prints

womens t shirt with print

Do you often think back to your childhood? Now you can also take out blouses with prints of your favorite cartoons, characters from fairy tales, music bands, or cult movies from the wardrobe. 

But that's not all - minimalist graphics with beautifully drawn-out images of a tree with butterfly leaves are also fashionable. What to wear them with? Short and to the point - with everything.

#6 Patchwork Tie-Dye Cropped T-shirts

2020 Women Tie Dye Cropped Top Ruffle Frill Short Sleeve Tops Patchwork T Shirts Round Neck.jpg 640x640 1

Tie-dye t-shirts are no longer associated only with Jamaica and rastaman. Leading fashion houses, led by Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler, went crazy about them. 

Although original and juicy colors also appeared, purple and blue pastels have taken the top in this topic. 

However, you do not have to reach for designer products that are overvalued. Just look for a great item that comes in a nice fitting. 

BTW, you can make one of your own tie-dyes in a few steps. All it takes is an old t-shirt, a few dyes, some baking soda, a string, and a little imagination. Fun guaranteed!

#7 Elegant Plain Cotton Puffy-sleeve Blouses

beautiful white blouse

Spring and summer dresses have not only acquired an original accent in the form of puffed sleeves and puffs. Also, shirts that widen the shoulders in a theatrical and epochal style look really beautiful. 

They are elegant and majestic, and on the other hand, they have a temperament and a modern spirit. However, remember to tone down the bottom of the styling with such a strong accentuation of the shoulders with puffed sleeves. Elegant high-waisted cigarillos will be just right!


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