Knee-high Boots Back in Fashion: 4 Great Combinations

I’ve only recently become a fan of knee-high boots. This is mainly due to the fact that I am quite picky when it comes to boots. They simply have to have the perfect cut for me, not be too tight on the calf and ideally, they should go with many outfits. How you can combine knee-high boots, a few styling tips, and four matching outfit ideas, I’ll tell you here today on my fashion blog.

Are Knee-High Boots Back in The Trends?

Oh yes, they are fashionable again! If you currently click through online shops such as H&M, ExParis, Breuninger, or & other stories, you will quickly see that this trend is not a flash in the pan. The boots may have been somewhat forgotten in recent years, but now they are coming back even stronger. I like it when knee-high boots stick out a little from the leg, i.e. have a so-called wide shaft. This not only looks casual but also conceals strong calves at the same time!

What to Wear With Knee-high Boots?

It doesn’t matter whether you choose boots in black, bright boots, boots with a pattern, with a round or pointed toe, they all have something in common: they look really cool, make a basic outfit special and can also add an elegant touch to your look to lend. Knee-high boots look good with jeans, culottes, skirts, and dresses of all kinds. You probably already have a few pretty pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that go particularly well with a nice pair of boots. 

With feminine skirts: I was particularly taken with the combination of knee-high boots and feminine skirts. A skillful break in style for everyone who likes it elegant, but doesn’t want to do without a portion of nonchalance. Pair with a fitted turtleneck, hoodie, or cropped cardigan. 

With a midi dress: A bit of a leg is teasingly peeked out as you walk. For example, I really like beige boots with light dresses – tone-on-tone outfits look even more stylish. 

With Jeans: Boots with a knee-high shaft can also be combined with jeans in a very classic way. This is definitely a variant with which you always play it safe. While you can conjure up a very simple look with skinny jeans, the combination with mom jeans looks a lot more casual. 

With a Culotte: One of my favorite combinations for spring and fall is the styling of knee-high boots with a culotte. If you still orientate yourself on current trend colors, nothing stands in the way of a casual everyday look.


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