The best Everyday Body lotion – DIY,Non-greasy, NO coconut oil

After coming across a blog from a blogger named Kathleen and after reading her homemade lotion recipe, i tried my own version of boy lotion to suite my daughter’s skin.

The resulting product is a great nourishing skin lotion for almost any skin type. There is one downside though_cleaning the greasing tools resulting from making the lotion. BTW it’s a one time trouble so nothing to be concerned about. That being said, let’s go straight to the making.

These are the ingredients you need:

2 Tbsp beeswax chips / grated beeswax- If you can get natural beeswax that should be great!
1/2 cup sweet almond oil / apricot kernel oil –Apricot oil is more expensive, you can use either of the two, so the choice is yours.
2 Tbsp mango butter
3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
3/4 cup water (distilled)
2 tablespoons olive oil
Leucidal Liquid SF

what to do next?
Instead of using blender as Kathleen did in her recipe, i rather used hand mixer for a faster and much cleaner blending. (The downside of using blender is, your blender will get dirty and cleaning it would be quite a challenge)

Go to next page for instructions.

Put all the ingredients including the beeswax, all oils and butter into a bowl (except the essential oil). Make sure to use a pot that will later fit into a pot.

Step 2
On a low heat, melt everything. Take it out and add essential oil mix it well.

Step 3
Put the mixture in the fridge and you will notice a color change happening. The mixture will turn almost creamy.
Step 4
Start whipping it with the mixer for a couple minutes. Add water little by little while you mix. Adding too much water at one time will result in splinting things. This is very obvious as water and oil don’t mix naturally. So do this gently.

Note: Mixture containing water are vulnerable to bacterial growth. Your cream may look fine but with time it may contain quite a lot of bacteria. To avoid this use Leucidal Liquid SF instead of water. You can use both at a time.

Step 5
If you notice that your mixture is still too warm you may put it in the fridge again. Make sure that you don’t forget it there for too long otherwise this will result in more extra work.

Step 6
Once the water is properly incorporated, whip for another minute or two and put the mixture in a jar/jars.

Step 7
That’s it your body lotion is ready. Keep it in the fridge for maximum shelf life.

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