DIY Shoe Organizer Inside The Closet: Instructions With Pictures

A shoe organizer is an important home essential that keeps your precious shoes organized and in one place. It also protects your footwear from getting scuffed or damaged. Besides this, it also enables you to conveniently find the pair of shoes you are looking for.

While you can grab an organizer from the market, one custom-built to your specific taste has its own beauty. If you are looking forward to building one, the inside of your closet door offers a convenient opportunity to install one.

A Good Shoe Organizer: Is it Only For Women?

The widespread opinion that almost every woman has a shoe bug cannot really be statistically proven: A study by the opinion research institute YouGov showed that women own around 17 pairs of shoes and men around 8 pairs.

However, there are shoe lovers with a much more pronounced passion for shoes, both women and men. But even without this “tick”, a family with children can quickly accumulate 50 or more pairs of shoes. So, irrespective of whether you are a lady or a gentleman, you need a good shoe organizer.

Benefits of The Shoe Organizer

The DIY closet door shoe organizer offers the following benefits:

  1. Easy to make with minimal material and skill requirements.
  2. Cheap and offers a budget-friendly solution to your shoe clutter.
  3. Reduces further clutter by hiding behind the door.

Before building the shoe organizer, be sure to check the pivoting range of the door shelves (e.g. with a strip of cardboard) to determine the edge distance of the shelves!

DIY Closet Door Shoe Organizer: Things Will You Need

Proper storage is not an exceptional problem, but a challenge that affects many of us. A quick glance into the hallway usually shows that this is the case. Fortunately, as a do-it-yourselfer, you can help yourself and build this shoe organizer for the closet.

  1. Pine cross boards cut into the right measurements depending on your closet size.
  2. MDF board.
  3. Wood glue.
  4. Nails
  5. A Hammer
  6. Measuring tap and a ruler.

DIY Closet Door Shoe Organizer: Instructions With Pictures

1. To start building your first shelf, start by placing the three planes beside the MDF board.

build your own shoe storage 01

2. The wooden spacers in the below photo are optional. If you have a ruler and measuring tape with you, you don’t need to use any spacers. Place the board over the planks.

schuh organizer_01 01

3. Drive the nails all the way into the wood.

schuh organizer_04 01

4. For the middle plank, draw a straight line across and drive nails.

schuh organizer_05 01

5. That was almost all of the woodwork for the construction of the door bottoms! Now that your first shelf is ready, you can use the same template to build more.

schuh organizer_06 01

6. Use wood putty or wood fillers in the gaps to smooth them out. Paint the shelves with the color of your liking, in my case i going with white to match with my closet.

schuh organizer_07 01

7. Align a connecting sheet metal on the back of each cross board, which you leave overhanging at the top by the width of the sheet metal strip.

schuh organizer_08 01

8. Once the paint is dried, screw the connecting metal plates. Put some cardboard or rubber underneath to protect the surfaces when you clamp the floors.

schuh organizer_09 01

9. Now align the shelves on the cabinet door (note the swivel range) and screw them.

schuh organizer_11 01

All done! Your closet door shoe organizer is ready to host your shoes and take care of them.



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