Earning a Cat’s Love Isn’t Easy: We Cracked The 5 Codes For You

Cats are strange creatures. It is not easy to win cat love. While it is commonly said that the way to the heart is through the stomach, this truth does not necessarily hold true for purrs. Moreover, the cat chooses for itself the person whom it bestows on, and it does not have to be a “feeder” and “litter box cleaner”.

Maybe it was you that he chose as his favorite, or maybe he can barely tolerate your presence at home? How to convince a cat to like you and maybe even love you to death? The road to the cat’s heart is winding and full of surprises. We’ll help you find her.

1. Talk to The Cat in His Language

The best way to communicate with your cat is through body language. Therefore, learn to use your body so that your gestures and posture are understandable to your pet. Crouch down, kneel down, lower to the cat’s level, keep your arms close to your body, avoid sudden movements.

It is better to speak to the cat with calm, flowing gestures. You do not need to touch the cat, sometimes it is better to slowly close and open your eyes, ram, touch your noses. Try it – these are not difficult behaviors and you will be surprised by your purr’s answer!

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2. Respect His Personal Space

It is true that at the sight of a cat, your hands stretch to touch, stroke, and hug the animal, but be careful! Take your time with direct contact. Let the cat make this first gesture of closeness – let it come up to you, rub itself against your leg or arm, maybe shoot a forehead – in the cat’s tongue these are signs of consent to closeness.

When they appear, you can pet the cat, cuddle it, pick it up – but be careful and carefully read the cat’s body language. The pet will let you know how close you can get and how much your sensitivity is at the moment. When he starts to push himself away with his paws, defend himself, move away – listen to him, keep some distance. Let the cat come closer at his rhythm and pace.

3. Work on Strengthening the Bond

Convincing a cat to yourself is a bit like making a date – it requires vigilance, delicacy, empathy, orientation to the needs of the other party, and meeting those needs. Put your needs aside. The cat is the most important and it must feel like that with you. If you give him a sense of security, acceptance, unconditional love – you will win the cat’s feeling.

The bonds will tighten by themselves. Remember – a cat is an independent creature, it hates coercion, it can be comfortable, but also extremely sensitive. Do not force him to contact, but encourage interaction with the right motivation – toys, games, treats, petting in the way and where the cat likes best.

4. Peaceful and Consistent Behavior

This is what you need to be for a cat, so that it respects you, likes you, and wants to be close to you. A person who gives it a sense of security always and everywhere remains calm, protects from the world, drives clouds away from the cat’s sky of happiness. That is why your behavior towards the purr is very important – it should be balanced, without sudden and unexpected turns.

Although cats themselves are quite neurotic and changeable, in their close people they value the stability and certainty of behavior, gestures, and customs. This gives them the balance necessary for a happy life. Don’t stress your cat unnecessarily – be a stress reliever and bodyguard.

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5. Little Bribes – Only in Moderation

How to convince a cat to like you? No self-respecting cat will remain insensitive to the charm of exceptionally tasty snacks. A good – and healthy – treat is a nice break for the day, a small reward for being together, an expression of love – and yet! You can use the treats to strengthen your bond with your cat, but keep them healthy, low in calories, and used responsibly, in moderation.


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