White Cats With Blue Eyes: What’s Scary About Them?

white cats with blue eyes hearing loss

Deafness in White Cats With Blue Eyes

White cats with blue eyes usually suffer from hearing loss. This is because there are fewer melanocytes – the cells that produce Iris color pigments.

Such a deviation from the norm occurs at the level of the KIT gene. The gene mutation not only affects the eye-color but also affects hearing.

Studies have shown that about  65-85 percent of all white cats with blue eyes are completely deaf.

What about heterochromia? Talking about numbers, 40% of white cats with one of the eyes blue are either completely deaf or in some cases, the ear corresponding to the eye doesn’t work.

What about heterochromia

White Cats and Albino Cats: They Are Different

Albino cats are not the same as standard white kittens. Albinism in cats is a very rare phenomenon. The condition affects approximately 2% of the total feline population. The gene responsible for albinism is different than what affects a white cat with blue eyes.

While white cats with blue eyes have hearing complications, albinos on the other are completely healthy.

albino cat

Since an albino cat does not produce melanin, its irises are devoid of pigmentation. Unlike that of a typical white cat. The irises of an albino take on a characteristic pink or even red color.

Usually, the eyes are pinkish-blue in color, and you can see blood vessels in them. The albino also has a mostly pinkish nose and pinkish ears (on the inside). However, the blush you see isn’t pigmentation – it’s translucent blood vessels.

Looking for an albino cat? You can possibly find one in the lineages of Siamese cats, mainly American, and rarely among domestic cats.

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Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes

Cat-eye color is genetically related to the color of the coat. If you are looking for a cat with a blue iris, pay attention to the seal-point breeds. These should have blue eyes.

Cat breeds with blue eyes are Siamese, Balinese, Himalayan, Persian, Burmese, and Javanese cats. Blue eyes can also appear in Ragdoll cats, but of course, this is not a rule of thumb.

The extremely rare Ojos Azules breed is considered one of the most sought-after cat breeds. These cats are characterized by dark hair and dazzling blue eyes.

Ojos Azules cats blue eyes

Blue Eyes in Kittens

As in humans, all kittens have blue eyes by birth. The eyes only get their true color after around 6-7 weeks.

Do you own a white cat that has at least one of the eyes blue? What is your experience with it?

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