Why Adopt a Dog? 5 Ways a Dog Can Find You Love & Friends

  • Why adopt a dog? If you are single and want to find your other half, adopt a dog and see how it can help find your partner.
  • Besides finding your perfect partner, you will also be able to make more friends.
  • You will magically expand your social circle.
  • People will be more willing to start a conversation with you which is, in fact, the first step towards any kind of relationship.
  • You will become more willing to interact with people.

Remember the romantic comedy with John Cusack and Diane Lane, “The Man from the Announcement”? Sarah, the main character, comes on a date with Jack. The date is arranged by her sister, who posts Sarah’s profile on a dating site.

One of the criteria he points out is the future partner must love dogs. This is also the original title of this film – “Must love dogs”. Jack is bringing a beautiful black Labrador with him. And this is how it all begins.

So, if you are single, or having difficulty making friends, adopting a dog is one great way to deal with the issue effectively.

In today’s Chlorine post, we will talk about reasons why adopting a dog can help you find your mate, become more social, and make you more friends. So, why adopt a dog if you are single or have difficulty getting socialized? Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Studies Say That Men Who Own a Dog Tend to Be More Caring

Well, it makes sense as being a good dog handler means having a great sense of responsibility. Looking after and caring for a canine is an indication of having the will and energy to fulfilling those responsibilities.

The women involved in studies say that such men often make great partners. They are already good at accepting restrictions. For instance, in the case of a pet, he needs to return home earlier when the dog is waiting for him, not to leave home when the dog needs care.

Here is more to why a good dog handler is considered by women as a great candidate for a life partner:

  • He is patient: Teaching a dog how to behave both indoors and outdoors needs a level of patience as this doesn’t come immediately.
  • Provides a sense of security, shows feelings: Another important need in a healthy partnership is to show emotions and as a man, provide a sense of security. A good dog handler is one who shows his feelings and also ensuring a sense of security.
  • He doesn’t hesitate to offer material help: A pet doesn’t come at no cost. A dog handler is supposed to cover expenses, sometimes really large ones. This includes both everyday needs and medical care.
  • Spares time, gives company: Now this is crucial in any relationship. If your partner doesn’t have spare time for you, the relationship is already half the into breaking point. A good pet handler both spares time and also endures inconvenience. Inconvenience in the sense that he sometimes has to take the dog outside even in a terrible splash or biting frost, or at an early hour despite the day off.

2. People Who Walk Dogs Make More Friends Than Who Don’t

Besides the great feeling of company and increased confidence, you increase the chances of making a conversation with other dog handlers.

Additionally, the appearance or behavior of your or someone else’s dog is a natural excuse and opportunity to establish contact.

3. Sense of Company and Security Induces Pro-social Attitude

When you are sitting alone in the community park or walking around the block with no company, your confidence levels drop even if you don’t notice it. This in return, decreases your chances of making an interaction, or start a conversation.

In the company of a dog, on the other hand, you enjoy the luxury of a company, become more confident and pro-social. Therefore, your odds of making a contact increase drastically.

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4. Why Adopt a Dog? People Trust You More, Show Kindness

When you have a pooch with you, you can count on greater kindness. People start trusting you more, become more comfortable around you than when you are all alone.

An experiment was conducted to see people’s response to help when a woman was with and without a dog.

The woman asked for help in picking up her scattered items. Far more people responded when she had a dog with her than when she was alone.

4. Dog Handlers Are More Laid-back That Helps in Dealing

Research shows that dog keepers have better mental well-being. They are happier, relaxed, and can deal with situations better.

This cooler and decluttered mindset has a direct impact on their relationships with the environment. This positive, open, and relaxed behavior induces an engaging attitude in the person which is, in fact, a prerequisite to making friends.

5. The Odds of Finding Your Soulmate Jump Up With a Pooch

This is what the singles themselves say, like Marta from Warsaw, owner of a lovely female named Lulka. After a few months of living with Lulka, Marta noticed how much her relations with people had changed. According to her, her interaction and relationship with her neighbors have particularly improved.

She shared her observations on her Facebook profile, where she wrote:

I’ve only been a dog lover for 3 months. And I can already see that dog lovers are a community. Since I have a dog, my life has become more social, although I did not want it at all.

She even gave some examples later in the post:

I have been living on the estate with breaks for 20 years, so far I did not know anyone. And since I have Lulka, strangers, and neighbors alike are more interested in me. They started sharing their stories and asked me mine.

So, that’s how adopting a dog can open you up to society, increase the chances of making more friends, and help you find your other half.

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What Dog Breed is Your Great Fit?

It’s natural that your friends share a good deal of their behavior with you. At the end of the day, you make friends whose mindset, to some extent, matches yours. The same goes for a pet, a pet that reflects your traits the most tends to be a great fit. When choosing a dog for ourselves, we follow preferences that may reveal our character traits.

Below are some of the dog breeds you may want to look into before choosing your next pooch:

  • Beagle: They are intelligent and open-minded, cheerful and friendly.
  • Boxer: They like challenges and company, sometimes they are overly overwhelmed by something.
  • Bulldog: They are cheerful romantics, but at the same time methodical and stubborn.
  • Cocker Spaniel: Value friendship, loyal, and family.
  • Doberman, Pinscher: Organized and firm.
  • Greyhound, Whippet: Introverts, well organized.
  • Husky: Friendly, lively, sympathetic.
  • Dachshund: Stubborn and sometimes bossy.
  • Labrador and golden retriever: Nice, active, and social activists.
  • Pug: Happy, fun-loving.
  • German Shepherd: Sincere and loving.
  • Pitbull: Caring, powerful.
  • Poodle, Chihuahua, and other smaller breeds: Creative, honest.
  • Mixed races: Carefree, open-minded, outgoing, social activists.
  • Rottweiler: Loyal and expressive, endowed with temperament.
  • Irish setter, pointers: Adventurers, always look for new stimuli.
  • Terrier: Sociable and courageous, full of energy, fond of talking.

That’s all for this post. So, what dog breed do you love? We would also love to know the name you have given to your lovely pooch.

Why adopt a dog. if you are single a dog can help


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