DIY Dead Sea Mud Face Mask For Skin Rejuvenation, Exfoliation & Deep Cleanse

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea Mud has been used to treat a range of skin ailments like pimples, acne, spots, allergies, and conditions like skin aging, dryness, and oil. The first person who acknowledged the skin rejuvenation and healing properties of the dead sea mud was, in fact, the Queen of Sheba. Eventually, Cleopatra came to learn of its alleged mystical efficacy and traveled there from Egypt in order to build the world’s first spa. Since then, the Dead Sea Mud is used as an integral constituent of skin creams and soaps. And for the Dead Sea Mud face mask, you will definitely love it!

What exactly is the Dead Sea Mud?

The Dead Sea Mud is a natural rich-mix of various crucial minerals, organic compounds, dead sea salt, metals, oxides, and clay.  It is extracted from the dead sea_a saltwater lake located between Palestine and Jordan. The highest salinity lake is also located at the lowest sea level of any body of water in the World.

Chemical Composition of Dead Sea Mud

1. Dead sea salt: Most oceanic salt is 85% sodium chlorine_table salt. The dead sea salt present in the Dead Sea Mud is a mere 30% sodium chloride and 70% other essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. The following table shows the ion concentration for each salt:

dead sea water salt concentration

2. Minerals: Located literally at the bottom of the earth with the highest mountains in the region surrounding from all four sides, the lake receives a powerful dose of a variety of minerals every time it rains. It’s the unique geographical location of the lake and mineral percentage of the surrounding mountains that give the mud it’s supernatural properties.

Dead Sea Mud minerals and their percentages:

3. Organic matter: Besides salts and minerals, the mud also has a percentage of organic matter.

The Dead Sea Mud face mask for skin rejuvenation

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