De-Clutter Life Today, 100+ Things to Throw Away Right Now

59. Old Christmas cards of your family (Save a few, recycle the rest)

60. Holiday decor you never remember to set out (Thanksgiving turkey Aunt Sue gave you)

61. Holiday decor that you use once a year (ex. Easter deviled egg tray that collects dust 364 days of the year! Buy a lovely one that you can use for other holidays too.)

62. Cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, shampoo that you used once and didn’t like. Donate to a local shelter.

63. Flower pots. Plant a flower or toss the pot.

64. Watering cans if you don’t have flowers.

65. Too small kid’s clothing. Only save favorites if you’re saving for another child. Sell the rest while they’re still in style.

66. Extra buttons (If you don’t sew, toss them all. Reduce your supply if you will use a button in the next few months)

67. Old calendars

68. Unidentified frozen objects (Label ya’ll! Keep a Sharpie by the freezer for quick labeling)

69. Movies you’ll probably never watch again

70. Bags from the mall you might use one day (Keep only 1 if you must)

71. Multiple pair of scissors (One or two tops, right?)

72. More ear buds than you’ve got family members


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