De-Clutter Life Today, 100+ Things to Throw Away Right Now

41. Matches you never use (Maybe save a few in case of a power outage)

42. Old newspapers

43. Expired Rx meds (Visit for proper ways to dispose of them)

44. Extra pillows

45. Ticket stubs (Sentimental like myself? Store in a scrapbook or fill a mug with old stubs)

46. Make up you’ll try “one day” If you’ve owned it for more than 2 weeks without trying it, toss it.

47. Clothes that are more than 2 sizes too small. Don’t give up on your weight loss dream but WHEN you do lose that weight go and buy new clothes to reward yourself.

48. Things you’ve bought and haven’t returned yet (Return them, sell, or donate them)

49. White-out bottles – You know you don’t need it!

50. Unneeded notebooks


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