De-Clutter Life Today, 100+ Things to Throw Away Right Now

83. Organizers you bought to get organized that didn’t work

84. Belts that no longer fit, are worn, or are out of style

85. Duplicate kitchen utensils – Have you ever used three whisks at the same time before? Me neither.

86. Cookie cutters unless you’ve used them in the past year and foresee using them again

87. Rarely used cake pans (think Mickey Mouse head) – Our bakery supply store rents them for $2 a day. I no longer need to keep any on hand for those rare occasions I bake.

88. Old teeth whitening trays or strips. Use ’em up or toss ’em out.

89. Hard candy that you’re not sure where it came from or how long it’s been there

90. Unloved stuffed animals


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