Chinese Herbal Tea Recipe That Helps You Shed Kilos Quickly

Dandelion tea is a great herbalist tool for improving fluid retention, lowering blood pressure, regulating your blood sugar and improving eczema. Dandelion has a lot of uses and tea is probably the most straightforward way to get the benefits of dandelions.

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Before you make your tea, consider your full dandelion tea experience. Where are you going to get your dandelions?There are lots of exciting places, now you probably don’t want to get them in a public place where the gardeners might be spraying pesticides. Dandelions really are your best wild foraging opportunity. Your best opportunity to explore forests and meadows and all of the wild places that will also give you a great opportunity to hike and breathe fresh air. You can use all parts of the dandelion for this tea. You can use the flowers, the stems, the leaves. You can even use the roots.

How to make the tea?

All you will do is take your dandelion parts and pour hot water over them and allow them to steep. If I want my dandelion to be as beneficial as possible in terms of health, I might let it sit overnight. First I let the mixture simmer for about thirty minutes and then probably turn the heat off. At that point, I put a lid on it and let it sit overnight. In this long period of steeping, the water will take in a lot of the beneficial properties of the dandelion, making it an even healthier tea for you and so then you’re gonna strain out the solids from the liquid and the liquid is going to be your tea.

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Depending on the amount of dandelion you put in, it could be very strong. If the flavor is too strong, you can dilute it of course and sweeten it to taste. Make this tea your own just like you made the foraging experience your own. See  how it works for you. If you use the tea for weight loss, consume a glass of it in the morning before the breakfast.


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