6 Grilling, BBQ Hacks & Ideas For Your Best Ever Barbecue

You are already feeling the energizing warmth of weather, right. When it comes to indoor spring and summer activities, nothing can beat a good barbecue party with family and friends.

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To be honest, I love being hosted than hosting); Well, at least until I was an eyewitness to the birth of a great party last week.

The reason behind is, every time I host a BBQ party, it overwhelms me. From preparing stuff to cooking up to cleaning out, it feels like I am going through a rigorous military drill or something.

While I have attended many BBQ parties this year alone, one particular backyard BBQ party stunned me to the core. Inspired me enough to sit, write about it and share with you here. I am talking about one hosted by our new neighbor and friend Kathy.

I was lucky enough to be there throughout the preparation process, cooking out and in fact eating up);. SO everything I saw simply amazed me. God! Her way of doing things was neat, clean, tidy and above all EASY.

When I told Kathy my hardships of hosting BBQ parties, she first laughed and then said this, ”Barbecue is not a game everyone can play. From the very start to end, it’s almost a never-ending to-do list. But with a little use of mind you can hack into almost anything”.

So guys, avoiding going into too many details, below are the things I filtered out from that conversation which may help you organize your next party differently:

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Cleaning the Grill to Taste

BBQ grill cleaning hacks
IMG: Getty Images

It’s no surprise that with a loaded stomach after the party, you may leave the grill for later cleaning. Remove any large bits from the grit and heat the grill. Attach an onion to a fork and rub over the bars. The sulfur compounds in the onion combined with the rough texture of grill bars result in a perfect green deep cleanse. Additionally, The smell of onion is most welcomed than the smell of detergent in the BBQ, right!

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