10 Bathroom Organization Hacks you Never Knew Before

The organization is a vital part of your day to day life that helps you feel at peace and in turn, increases your productivity. A clean and organized bathroom will not only make you feel good about yourself, but it will ensure you save time. Home organization experts at Chlorine share these bathroom organization hacks with you here:

Get Rid of the Excess

A cluttered bathroom counter or over filler cabinets can be overwhelming to look at, and you may lose track of all the things you own. The most important step is to sift through all your products and get rid of those old and grimy bottles, or expired products you.

Arrange Your Products in Categories

It will make your life much easier if you arrange your products according to the product type. Instead of digging through all your drawers and cabinets, you will know exactly where to find each product. For example, you can assign one drawer to hair products, the other to skincare and so on.

Baskets for Hand Towels

You can easily repurpose old baskets or containers lying around your house in your bathroom. Neatly roll up your freshly washed face and hand towels and store them in these baskets. You will not only save space on the towel racks, but it will elevate your bathroom look.

Cookie Jar Containers

You can use cookie jars or old jam bottles to store your Q-tips, cotton pads, hair clips or similar products. Not only will you be recycling old materials, but your bathroom will give a more organized look.

Baskets and Bins

Now you may be wondering how to store all the odd products around your bathroom, without making it look unpleasant. You can place these miscellaneous bottles and tools in baskets or organizational bins and store them.

Hooks for Extra Storage

Whether you have a small bathroom or are looking for extra storage space, hooks are your best friend. You can easily buy stick-on hooks and adhere them to the back of your door. You will get extra storage to hang towels, clothes, or even a rack for products.

Hanging Shower Caddy

If your shower does not have enough space to hold your products or you want to save space, invest in a hanging shower caddy. Just attach it to your shower head and get ample room to keep your shower products.

Over the Toilet Shelves

The name may sound bizarre, but these modern-looking sleek ladder shelves can easily be placed over your toilet, providing you with extra space to keep towels, accessories and bath products.

Corner Shelves

As the name suggests, these shelves can easily fit into any free corner of your bathroom and give you extra storage space without creating any clutter in your washroom.

Organizational Drawers

Clear, acrylic drawers are readily available in the market, and will make your life much easier! Not only will you be able to see all products but you can speedily reach for them whenever you need to.
We hope you find these hacks useful. Happy organizing!


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