Anti-Aging Skincare is Not Myth, 6 Best Ways to Keep it Youthful

As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity. You start noticing your first fine lines. The lines then propagate and develop into wrinkles. Your skin dries up faster and reacts to new ingredients quickly. Even if you had no problem testing new products in the past, the skin now deals with them differently. Now is the time to consider anti-aging skincare.

Already between the age of 18 and 25, collagen fibers and elastin, which are responsible for the density and tension, begin to fade, and the amount of hyaluronic acid which gave your skin hydration and a natural glow also decreases.

These little changes happen slowly and over time especially if you didn’t pay too much attention to grooming in your youth. Fortunately, a good skincare routine and properly selected cosmetics can help keep your skin looking young for longer. While we do not promise that you will turn back the aging clock altogether, you will definitely look great and cheat the aging process a little.

In this Chlorine post, we will discuss six effective anti-aging skincare tips that will help your skin stay youthful.

1. 3-Step Makeup Cleanse

Cleansing is always the basis of care. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how many times you’ve gone to bed without removing make-up, or how often you’ve chosen soap (oh!) Instead of face cleansing gel. Start over. It’s never too late for that, is it?

Therefore, what you need to do is, invest in a few good skincare products. You can do a better cleansing the following 3 simple steps:

  1. Cleanse makeup with micellar water or make-up remover oil. This will help you get rid of impurities, dissolve the particles of colored cosmetics and remove makeup.
  2. Next, thoroughly wash the skin with a face wash gel or foam to remove dirt, excess sebum, and makeup residue.
  3. Finally, rub the skin with a tonic.

2. Fill in The Gaps

When your skin loses collagen or hyaluronic acid and you notice the first effects of it – wrinkles, gray skin tone, or dryness – you need to replace the deficiencies. While these ingredients are naturally produced by the body, their production decreases with age. So choose care that will stimulate your skin to act and help it quickly regain its youthful glow.

Our hit in this regard is the new series of Avon Anew anti-age creams enriched with Protinol – a patented, exclusive ingredient created by scientists at Avon laboratories. It is not only able to activate many important biological processes but also rebuilds the proportions between the 2 types of collagen in the skin, restoring its elasticity similar to that of a child’s skin. As a result, the skin can literally feel soft and smooth again.

The content of Protinol also helps to maintain better hydration and supports the natural protective barrier of the skin, strengthens it, and tones it. In the series you will find products dedicated to the different needs of the skin: ANEW Reversalist for the first signs of aging, ANEW Ultimate for reducing deep wrinkles and restoring natural radiance, and ANEW Platinum for the most mature skin, restoring elasticity, lifting, and filling deep wrinkles.

3. Anti-aging Skincare: Pat, Don’t Rub

Mature skin is not only more sensitive when it comes to new ingredients. It also reacts poorly to excessive rubbing and stretching, so handle it gently. After washing, dry the skin by lightly pressing the towel to your face, and when you apply the serum or cream – pat it with your fingertips instead of rubbing.

This method will not only help you avoid irritation but also make the active ingredients of the products better penetrate the skin. By the way, with the help of your fingers, you can do a gentle massage that stimulates blood circulation. It is a great way to oxygenate and strengthen the skin.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Acids

Exfoliation helps not only effectively get rid of old epidermis and cleanse the pores of the skin, but also stimulate skin cells. This means faster regeneration and a greater ability to produce collagen. Join this skincare regimen based on innovative, anti-aging ingredients (see above) and your skin will look young even if your birth certificate says otherwise. Products with acids will be the best for exfoliation.

On a daily basis, you can use tonics, peelings, or creams containing mild acids, such as night creams from the ANEW Reversalist, Ultimate, or Platinum series, containing glycolic acid, which renews and rebuilds the skin structure during sleep. Visit a specialist once in a while. Treatment with acids is a great complement to home care and good anti-wrinkle prevention.

5. Holy Trinity: Serum, Cream, and SPF

Even if so far the only product you have used on a regular basis has been a cream, it’s time to refill your cosmetic bag a bit. Find a place for a good serum, day and night cream, and sunscreen to help you avoid extra wrinkles and discoloration due to sun exposure (also on cloudy days).

Look for formulas based on ingredients such as Protinol, retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid. The former increases the effectiveness of retinol, and has another unique effect on the quality of collagen – it prevents damage to collagen fibers and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, brightens and prevents discoloration, and hyaluronic acid is responsible for maintaining the optimal level of skin hydration. Apply the products in the order from the lightest formula to the heaviest (serum, cream,

6. Anti-aging Skincare: Something Extra

When your skin ages, it needs more than regular care. Therefore, in addition to a few effective cosmetics, give her something special. Rich, nourishing masks with anti-age ingredients, ampoules that restore the skin’s hydration and smoothness (e.g. moisturizing and firming sheet mask with Protinol and rejuvenating treatment with ANEW ampoules) are a must-have in your cosmetic bag. Use them at least once a week to give your skin a boost of youth.

The nourishing routine can also be enriched with a stimulating massage with the use of a jade roller or gua sha plate. These are real anti-aging legends! Tips on how to best perform an anti-aging and lifting massage with these accessories can be found on the web.

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