7 Stylish Women’s Purses to Consider Buying on a Budget

Bags, shoes, and accessories can make or break your look – whether you are wearing a tee or a casual button-down skirt, the right bag and accessories can lift your look.

Read below to find some of the most stylish women’s bags from ExParis that will look expensive, but in reality, only you will know its price! 😉

#1 This Cute Vertical Chain Slant Purse


This beautiful Korean Style bag is very easy to carry if you want to keep your phone and other necessary things in your bag. You can find it four beautiful colors; moreover, it comes with a hasp closure, making it very convenient to open your bag again and again. The bag also comes with a chain which makes it easy to carry on your shoulder. It looks really elegant, even if you wish to carry it as a clutch.

#4 This Classic Bag for a Simpler Look

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It is a flap shape handbag by YENS, and the best thing is that it is available in five colors. It is a leather handbag with a hasp closure. This leather is bigger than a clutch but smaller than other bags. It is most suitable for a small outing like dates or a visit to the beach. It matches incredibly with many outfits and is spacious enough to store all your touch up makeup and other necessities. It comes with a gold chain so that you can easily hang it on your shoulders.

#7 This Riveted Soft-touch Studded Bag


This hobo's shaped bag is by LEFTSIDE. It is available in seven colors but only one size. The bag has a beautiful silky material and a golden chain to hang it on your shoulders. The bag looks small in some pictures, but it is very big and wide. It is the perfect bag to use casually and will prove to be worth its price as well.

Try out our top picks and let us know which one was your favorite.


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