Weight Loss Inspiration: Woman Sheds 40 Kgs in 5 Months

Sahana Shetty from India, a food blogger herself, achieved what many struggles with for years. Her back-to-shape story is a weight loss inspiration for many.

Speaking to the Times of India, the 32-year-old told how her high cholesterol diagnosis changed everything.

The doctor advised me to lose weight or be prepare for getting sick more often. Then I decided it was the time to get rid of excess weight, said Sahana.

weight loss inspiration
image source: sahanas_foodpassion | Instagram

What diet changes Sahana Made?

  1. First of all, Shetty gave up sugar and went on a special diet.
  2. For breakfast, she typically ate wheat pancakes with a variety of curry and garlic sauces.
  3. For lunch, the Indian woman cooked a traditional vegetable stew with a flatbread.
  4. And for dinner, any dish made from raga grains.

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diet changes and weight loss
Indian curry with flat brown bread. | Timesofindia

In addition, she began to walk daily.

Now I have become more active and take every opportunity to take another walk. I try to walk for at least an hour and a half. I also try yoga at home.

Shetty believes that the key to losing weight is the amount of food you consume. “To lose weight and restore health, you need to eat in moderation,” she said. “It was portion control that helped me achieve great results in record time. You should also pay attention to how you eat. I chewed food thoroughly, like a cow, 32 times. It really helps. “


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