Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2021: Get Creative For a Good One

Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Aha, there are thousands of them. But we have some unique, creative, and heart-warming ones for you. Gifts that leave a lasting impact on the relationship.

Some say Valentine’s Day is a pure invention of the flower industry. Others think it’s the death anniversary of Bishop Valentin von Terni. Whether A or B, Paying a little attention to love and partnership can hardly harm a relationship.

A small celebration is especially useful during these pandemic times when we spend even more time indoors. You can perhaps use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give each other some special time, to pamper each other and to show your sweetheart how much you love them.

A Unique and Creative Valentine’s Day Gift

Anyone can do a bouquet of roses and a jumbo pack of chocolate. It’s always great to be a little different with a touch of creativity.

For a very special Valentine’s Day under the pandemic this time, you can look into these unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. We have put together a few great ideas that will make hearts beat a little faster.

1. A Post Pandemic Bucketlist

Just experience something crazy, unique, courageous, and funny together. Not only a lot of fun, but it will also bond you together even more.

valentine's day gift ideas 2021 bucketlist-01

You can design a beautiful booklet for your post-pandemic adventures as a gift. Discussing, deciding, and planning some great outdoor activities should be great fun.

And the activity doesn’t have to be anything adventurous at the other end of the world.  Special experiences are often very close and hidden. You can explore the options together filling up the booklet until the lockdowns are lifted.

2. Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry is one of the classics among Valentine’s Day gifts. To celebrate the day, high-quality jewelry from well-known brands such as Thomas Sabo or Swarovski is not a must. A relatively less priced piece with some meaningful design can go equally well.

Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or watch, it should suit your partner. Use your style as a guide to find just the right gift for your loved one. Heart-shaped jewelry is particularly popular for the lovers’ day.

3. Handicrafts: A Creative Token of Love

Become a little creative and easily tinker and design small gifts yourself. Handmade vouchers and photo albums, for example, are among great Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Such gifts are also personal and come from the heart.

valentine's day handicrafts-01

Though not new, a hand-crafted photo album with photos of past memories is a great surprise. You can keep the album alive with new souvenir photos every year.

4. Tell Me For Couples: Rejuvenate Love

Perfect to spend the time at home together and to have a little fun and variety in life. Card games likeTell Me For Couples will let you know each other again, this time in a different way.

Elicit funny stories from your loved one that you have never known before. Tens of profound, funny, and exciting questions will be waiting to be answered by you and your partner. You can order yours from Amazon.

tell me for couples card game valentine's day gift-01

This is not just a great gift for Valentine’s Day. The game is a fun idea for a partnership any time of the year and on any occasion!

5. Wellness for two: Spoil Each Other

Wellness hotels and spas are still closed. The situation is no different for massage and beauty salons. But that shouldn’t stop you from spoiling your sweetheart. Just do it yourself!

A partner massage is not only soothing and relaxing, you can also use it to express your affection and strengthen the relationship.

Wellness for two Spoil Each Other

But if you really don’t want to knead at all and are looking for a practical way to relax, you certainly can’t go wrong with a neck massager as a gift.

6. Get a Little Naughty On the Day of Love

Surprise your partner and buy new lingerie for a romantic evening for two. You can of course do it differently with new underwear for him or her.

An erotic massage is also a great idea for the holiday. You can do an invigorating massage or even present your loved one with some sort of intimate toy.

love gifts on valentine's day-01

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Valentine’s Day – Origin and Meaning

Valentine’s Day has its origin in Christianity. There are a few different theories about its origin. Some even claim the holiday is actually an invention of flower sellers.

The most widespread story, however, attributes the day to Saint Valentine of Terni. Born around 175 AD, Terni married his lover and presented her with flowers from his garden.

This action infuriated the king. So, Emperor Claudius II finally ordered the bishop’s execution on February 14, 269. Since then, Saint Valentine is considered the patron saint of lovers.


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