Husband & Boyfriend Approved Gift Ideas for This Christmas

Christmas is on the horizon and you may be wondering what perfect gift should you be looking for the person who loves you so much.

In this Chlorine listicle, we have compiled the list of some of the most sought-after products these days. Not only that..we literally went after men in the street and asked them to rank the products as per how much they wanted them in their room, office, pocket or purse.

#2 Magic Hands Neck & Back Massager

neck and back massager

This is one gift he will never forget. This sleek and modern design massager device utilizes modern technology to mimic real human hand massage. Powerfully built with superior materials to ensure extended usage. The Magichands massager gives custom relief to several types of muscle. Comes with 4 massage nodes to penetrate deep into the muscle and deliver a professional massage.

#3 Deluxe Beard Bib, Clippings Catcher Cape Apron

beard bib hair catcher

What is a better gift than one that is gifted by the person you love, at a time you needed, and is so much practical? Deluxe beard bib is one such gift that is both practical and budget-friendly. 

Designed with a self-packing pouch to easily stow away on the go when traveling. Attach the straps, use the mirror catchers to attach and start trimming.

#4 Vibe Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern

wireless speaker vibe

It’s a speaker that wirelessly streams music with crisp sound and rich bass. And it’s a lantern that glows in multiple modes. With a few clicks of the included remote, choose color-changing, dimness, and music sync settings to create the ideal ambiance for any gathering. Carry it to the pool (it’s splash-resistant), the garden, or the grill for an instant atmosphere that gets the party started.

#5 Powerbeats Pro-Totally Wireless Earphones

power beats pro

These superior quality wireless earphones with up to 9 hours of listening time topped our list. The reinforced design of the headphones makes them sweat resistance for tough workout hours. Come with powerfully balanced sound with dynamic range and background noise isolation. Option to control each earbud individually is one of the many features this elite product comes with.

#8 Kindle Paperwhite For Readers

kindle book reader

And if he loves reading.. he will definitely love Kindle Paperwhite_ now waterproof and 2x storage. 

Reading on Kindle Paperwhite is totally glare-free and no different than the actual paper. Now it has become thinner, lighter and audible. The best thing about the kindle is, its battery doesn't last hours, now it lasts weeks_that's what a real digital book should be doing.


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