This is how you can successfully withdraw from the nasal spray

Sick woman with nasal spray in bed: Using nasal spray for a cold has now become the norm.  But also the addiction that follows.Sick woman with nasal spray in bed: Using nasal spray for a cold has now become the norm. But also the addiction that follows.

Decongestant nasal spray can be addictive. If it is used for more than a week, the nasal mucosa may get used to it and no longer swell on its own. Weaning is best done gradually.

Using nasal spray for a cold has now become the norm. But also the addiction that follows . Read here how you can quickly get rid of it.

Mix with salt water to wean

First, buy an anti-allergic nasal spray and use it morning and evening. The previous decongestant spray is used if necessary. If it is half empty, half fill it with salt water. To do this, mix a liter of water with a tablespoon of table salt.

Whenever the nasal spray is half empty, refill it with the saline solution. If the anti-allergic spray is empty, the patient simply leaves it out. Withdrawal should be complete after about three weeks. Then there is usually only saline solution in the bottle.If your current decongestant spray cannot be screwed on and closed, it is best to get one that does. Then pour the previous spray in there.If you only use decongestant nasal spray when you have a blocked, runny nose and for no longer than a week, you don’t have to worry. You usually don’t become dependent on the drug that quickly.


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