These 10 Hobbit Houses Will Make You Pack and Leave to Build One of Your Own

Who would have thought that the house Bilbo Baggins left behind as he set off on a duped journey of reclaiming the kingdom of Erebor would turn into a  sensation, even obsession for many?

With a big round rustic wood door and a brass knob opening into the lush green valley of Shire, the hobbit house inspired us instantly. Bilbo Baggins didn’t build the house himself. He had inherited it from his parents and in fact, it was his father Bungo Baggins who built it.

You don’t need to be a person with half the height of a human, with sharp ears and eyes munching on six meals a day and moving around barefoot to love a hobbit house.

In this Chlorine listicle, we have collected ten Shire and Hobbiton inspired houses from around the World. Don’t forget to vote for the one you love the most.



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