Women’s Luxury 2 Pcs Diamond Lattice Mini Bag (3/6)

Herald Fashiontice Shoulder Bag Quality PU Leather Solid Chain

The third handbag trend in 2021 is characterized by its size. The super small mini, micro, or nano bags are often a miniature of a larger bag and give the outfit that certain something. 

While bulky bags offer more storage space, these mini ones readily adapt to any attire and instantly make a statement. That being said, these bags will not disappoint you when it comes to capacity as well. There is always enough room for almost everything that you generally carry with you.

This one in particular impresses with its striking shape, the beautiful quilting with tone-on-tone seams. The handbag looks elegant and feminine at the same time, making it the ideal addition to any outfit. 

As you carry your beauty essentials and your iPad seamlessly, cards and cash inside the bag could have made things cluttered.  But no worries, as the designers have given it a thought already. The mini card and cash holder beautifully solves this problem.

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