Slim Waist Workouts, Your Turn to Be Fit

The first exercise we would like to tell you about is the Side Plank up:
The Side plank up exercise focuses on your inner thighs, your transverse and abdominal s. It also focuses on the Rectus. The exercises works amazingly well.

Lie on the ground turned left. Your legs should be stacked and there should be a rolled up towel placed between your thighs. Your left forearm should become perpendicular to the torso as you prop on the left elbow. The side of your right foot should be on the ground and the left should be facing the back of it.

This foot positioning will give your body support to make a side plank. As you lift your hips, your body will be in a straight line from your head to toe. While you are straight, try to squeeze the towel in between your thighs. Hold the posture for a count and then lower yourself. Switch the side the next time you do this. Repeat Side plank up at least 10 times.

Round Back:
Fold a towel and sit on the floor above it. Your shoulder blades should be touching a wall and your knees should be bent. Your back should be rounded. Pressing your fingertips on the floor, your hands should be positioned close to the hips. Applying pressure to your abs, lift your feet from the floor bringing your knees towards your chest.

Try to straighten your legs as much as you can so the toes point directly towards the ceiling. You have to do 10 pulses. Move your legs an inch closer to the wall then an inch backward.

If this isn’t easy for you, you can place a leg on the floor while you extend the other leg grasping the calf with your hands. Hold the posture for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise by alternate legs. You have to do a total of 3 sets.
Want your waist all curvy and fabulous? The above given exercises will help your waist as well as your legs to get in shape. Start your waist slimming workout today and see results in less than a month!


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