Drink This Green tea to Remove Dental Plaque and Keep Your Teeth Shining

Green Tea is responsible for keeping you pearly whites free of cavities and lowers the acidity of pH levels of the mouth. It lowers the risk of periodontal diseases in gums and also the bad breath disease known as halitosis. Green tea also neutralizes the sulfur compounds in the mouth that aids in bad breath.
To make the green tea mouth wash you will need:


1.5 liters of water
7 tablespoons of green tea
A strainer
Bottle to store the extract



Boil the water to remove any bacteria in it and the extract will stay fresh for a long time. Also sterilize the bottle as well. Now put 7 tablespoons of green tea into the water and let it stay for an hour. Now strain the water into another bowl. Add another ½ liter of water to the extract and store in a bottle.

Now use 30 ml of this to rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds (the longer the better). Now either you can spit the extract out or you can swallow it. Do this once or twice a day and do eat or drink an hour before and after this.


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