Makeup Hacks & Cracks: 8 Life-changing Beauty Tricks

Makeup! As the name suggests, is all about creativity. While there is worst makeup, there is no such a thing called ‘best makeup’. Depending upon the structure of your face and skin tone, your’s can be the best, but remember, it’s best in your case. The same may not be fit to wear for the girl next door.

If you are more creative you will manage to blend the thing well with your face, Others may not be equally creative. That being said, there are things we may be missing out on makeup and most of the time we do. It’s because, well we might not have discovered them yet. These are the things I call ‘Makeup Hacks and Cracks’.

Makeup hacks and cracks are the outcomes of someone’s trial and error, an adventuresome fellow going an extra mile, or from someone’s sheer creativity. Because you have been asking, I am listing down 10 of the best ever makeup hacks that have the potential to change the way you wear makeup.

Let’s do the countdown!

Lipstick Lasts the Longest

Create your own exfoliant by mixing together coarse sugar and petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Apply a thin layer on your lips. Wipe away with a damp towel. Moisturize your lips with lip balm. Apply your favorite shade of lipstick.

best makeup hacks and ideas
Img: Howdini Youtube.

After applying, place a tissue over your lips and brush lightly with translucent powder. That’s it, enjoy the lipstick that stays the longest.

Winged Liner With Spoon

The first step is to take your spoon and make your base line at the bottom of your wing. To to this, keep your eye open and draw the line with the hand part of the spoon at an angle. Once the baseline is drawn, take the rounded part of the spoon, place it on your eye to make a triangle to make the wing top. Remember, if you blink during this you’re going to completely lose your ground.

How to draw a perfect winged eyeline
IMG: AllDayChic

Once the baseline and wing top are drawn, fill it with the eyeliner as you would normally do. That’s it, you got a perfect winged liner without putting in so much time.

Lift Droopy or Downturned Eyes

With this quick hack, you can lift your hooded/droopy eyes beautifully. To do this, Grab a light pink-beige or beige matte pencil or eyeshadow if you have pale skin. If you have a deeper skin tone, use a brightening concealer shade instead. Now apply this color along the entire bottom length of your eyebrow and the outer 2/3 above your eyebrow too. Blend it out.

tricks to lift droopy eyelids
IMF: Wikihow

Yet Another Hack for Hooded Eyes

First thing first! Get a good eye primer. A great primer is important to get a stellar start. Those with hooded/downturn eyes know better how easily their eye-makeup smears.

Find for your crease (It’s better to apply makeup with your eyes open otherwise it can be hard to find your natural crease). Apply eyeshadow just above your crease, opposite to the natural fold of your eyelid. This will give a perfect illusion of lifted eyelids.

makeup hack for hooded eyes

If you are not good at applying eyeshadow or if you are a beginner, try the straight-line technique. (Grab a handkerchief and place it on the outer corner of your nose to your eyebrow. Apply eyeshadow from the center of your eye straight out toward the handkerchief.)


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