Fix Any Broken Makeup, Eye Shadow, Blush in 5 Minutes

How many times did your MAC eye shadow, powder, or blush got shattered? For me it’s a genuinely likely event. In a house where naughty kids rule, fragile makeups don’t survive longer. But it’s not always the kids, let me admit, i broke my makeup into millions of particles many times myself.

But gone are the days when i use to go and grab another one, wasting a descent amount of money each time. Now i can fix any broken powder makeup myself, and it doesn’t take more than five minutes, though i have to weight overnight for the makeup to dry up.

So, how to fix that shattered makeup and bring it back to life? Follow these few simple steps, fix your broken makeup, and save money.

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What would you need?

  • A broken powder makeup (eye shadow, blush, powder)
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • A clean piece of plastic.
  • A spoon (normal tablespoon)

What to do?

  1. Put all the pieces into the original container.
  2. Crush the whole thing into fine powder.
  3. Gently and thoroughly spray the rubbing alcohol and let the compact soak.
  4. Now, place the clean piece of plastic over it and using the back of the spoon, smooth it out.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the surface texture, leave it for drying, probably overnight.
  6. Find your makeup in one smooth piece in the morning. Awesome right!

Share this simple makeup hack with others and help them save money. Stay blessed!

fix broken makeup in 2 steps


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