This Powerful Homemade Shower Spray Will Do All The Dirty Work

Folks, no matter which product I tried, my shower and washbasin never looked welcoming. Apply detergent, rub, rinse, wash over and over again only to get disappointed again. Some people may think i am obsessed with a sparkling shower. And to be honest, they may not be completely wrong. No matter what, I want these two bathroom elements to be flawlessly clean.

Finally, I pinpointed the problem

One good Sunday morning I woke up realizing that the problem actually lied with our hard water. After suspecting the water for the problem, I googled to know more.

When detergent mixes with minerals present in hard water, it makes something called Soap Curd_A greasy substance that prevents further action of the detergent. Woohoo! I actually reached the bottom of the problem but, but what’s next? I couldn’t somehow change my water. But you know what? I could change my detergent. With tens of detergents already in the failed list, I went back to google.

Found the fix for my very problem

My search landed me on the webpage of this awesome woman named Jillee. She also had struggled with her shower and bathroom cleaning. Everyone is not equally genius. Jillee’s genius worked around a fix that turned out to be amazing. She simply mixed two readily available ingredients to make a powerful daily shower spray.

everyday homemade shower spray

The magical shower spray

One of the best things about this shower spray is that it uses ingredients you probably already have at your home. No need to go for expensive and harmful chemicals anymore. The mixture will work like a charm with any kind of cleaning. So, let’s prepare the mixture.


[tasty-recipe id=”7830″]

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powerful diy shower spray


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