10 Genius Ideas to Increase Your Work Productivity

Productivity is all about focus – it is something that keeps us going. It is like a ladder that we take the first step and the rest become easy. Read below to find some of the best hacks to increase your productivity.

Make an Action Plan

Being prepared is always a good idea. Productivity doesn’t happen just at the moment, but it takes time, so when you know what to do it becomes much easier. Our psyche works in a way that we know what to do; we are more likely to do it.


Since a while, there has been an increased focus on meditation, and rightly so. Meditation helps in increasing focus as our mind, body and soul align. If you wish to increase productivity, you must try this one out.

Stay Hydrated

We know you have heard this one since long, but it actually works. When you stay hydrated, your mind and body remain calm, which in turn increases focus and productivity. Keep a water bottle by your side at all times to feel the boot of productivity at all times.

Set Clear and Achievable Goals

Often times, we expect all our work to get done once we begin; however, that is not true. You must set clear goals so you know what to do and you don’t waste time. Moreover, you must set achievable goals, so you get motivated as you complete each task and not get demotivated instead.


Practice makes a man perfect. It is true, every day that you push yourself is what will get you closer to your goals. Keep practicing, and soon you will be able to achieve your goals and increase productivity.

Keep Your Phone Away

The biggest plague to creativity is the use of your mobile phones. If you wish to be productive with whatever you are doing, you must turn off the notifications on your phone and put it away. If you keep your phone with you, you will find yourself scrolling through Facebook and Instagram every few minutes.


This one works the best. Keep a reward for yourself, every time you achieve a milestone, you can reward yourself with something – even if it just a bar of chocolate. It will not only keep you motivated and productive but also energized.

Take Breaks

As per researches, it has been concluded that most human beings cannot stay focused for more than 35 minutes, and they lose productivity when this happens. During your tasks, make sure to take short breaks to remain focused.

Trial and Error

No two human beings are the same; what works for someone else might not work for you. Keep trying until you find the right tricks and environment for productivity. With the help of trial and error, you can achieve your desired productivity level.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is the core of productivity. All adults require at least 8 hours of sleep for them to function properly. If you do not sleep well, there are high chances that you will not be able to maintain focus.

In today’s age, it is essential that we give our 100% to whatever we do and for that productivity is essential. Use the hacks mentioned above and let us know what worked for you.


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