Forecast for 2021: Psychic Who Predicted the Pandemic Speaks

The finalist of the “Battle of Psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev believes that next year will be even worse than 2020.

The finalist of the “Battle of Psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev, who was one of the first to predict the coronavirus pandemic, said what awaits humanity in 2021. The esotericist does not make a positive forecast.

He briefly noted that many more troubles await humanity. 2021, according to the psychic, will be the year of war and conflict.

I can’t talk a lot about it yet. I’ll tell you briefly. This is the year of the war. 2021 will also be a negative year. Will be bad. Everyone was afraid of 2020 because it really was difficult, but 2021 will be even worse. There will be a lot of blood and conflicts, the seer said.

Ziraddin Rzayev did not explain his gloomy prediction. It is worth noting that his words often come true. He predicted a volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2011, a tragedy in Mecca when more than a hundred pilgrims were killed when a construction crane fell.

He was aware of both the coronavirus pandemic and the death of rap artist Kirill Tolmatsky. However, everyone is wrong. You need to believe in the best course of events.


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